the quintessential destination for sustainable living


this is a water bottle that looks like a book. takes up very little room & keeps you hydrated


beni ourain inspired
hand-loomed wool rug by west elm
affordable old-world luxury

is your jewellery poisonous?


the world’s first twitter dress




start your own online magazine


mayer peace collection is made from different types of fabric that were slated for a landfill





want to stay in an eco-friendly hotel or resort? check out the global directory for your next adventure


#Who Made My Clothes? I’d Really Like To Know

Who made my clothes was a question I asked after the Rana Plaza collapsed in Bangladesh. Who were these people? Did they have dreams and aspirations like I did? Workers pointed out the building was structurally unsafe, showing management large cracks in the pillars....

Recycled Textiles Collection: Dana Cohen

Recycled textiles should be considered a part of the fashion cycle. It isn't. Fashion is now the second largest polluter after plastic. Why? Because of fast-fashion brands like Primark, H&M, TopShop and Forever21. But there are several designers making their mark in...

Eco-Friendly Hammam Is Part Of The Tour

Eco-friendly is such a common phrase now. But the Guest House Fellah is far from common. Located just outside Marrakech, this sanctuary it's part of the 10-day tour. A perfect spot to decompress in a quiet setting and leave your cares behind. Situated on 11 hectares...

stainless steel cocoons by patkau architects

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