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Sustainable Dance Floor by Studio Roosegarde 


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Masdar City Solar-Powered Accent Lights

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Eco-Friendly Clothing Designer: M.Patmos

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this is a water bottle that looks like a book. it takes up very little room & keeps you hydrated
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the beni ourain inspired
hand-loomed wool rug by west elm is
old-world luxury
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the world’s first twitter dress




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mayer peace collection is made from different types of fabric that were slated for a landfill

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want to stay in an eco-friendly hotel or resort? check out the global directory for your next adventure

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Can A Fashion Designer Survive In Today’s Market?

Can a fashion designer survive in today's market is a great question to ask yourself before you get started? How many collections do you want to produce a year? What is your budget for fabric? Do you have investors? Who is your target audience? I'm watching a...

Market Your Magazine For Free On These Sites

How to market your magazine online for free sounds too good to be true right? Well it isn't. Once you've produced your issue you need to get it out there. Just having it online isn't enough. Sending out your content to various sites can help to bring traffic and it's...

stainless steel cocoons by patkau architects

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