Can you count yourself amongst the 3D printing designer trend? Or are you in the dark about 3D printing? Either way, 3D printing is something you should know about. It’s one of the easiest and sustainable ways to design anything including houses. Imagine designing anything with a zero-waste result. Decreased waste on our landfills from larger cooperations would be a welcomed relief. 3D printing is gaining popularity but it’s slightly behind wearables in health and fitness. Whether it trickles down to the masses remains to be seen.

3D printing is quite easy to understand. The printer prints what you tell it to print. Create a precise pattern, then feed it into the printer. Choose your ink if you wish to have colour and away you go. The isn’t new technology. What’s new is it entered the home market a few years ago and it’s growing.

To the general public making your own gifts, or products is a reality you can do at a high quality. Even if you’re not a designer you can still make something extraordinary for yourself or as a gift. Check with your local libraries to see whether they offer a certified 3D printing designer course. The largest library in my city offers a course to anyone who wants to learn and print their own design. Learning is free but there is a small fee to print your design.

3d printing designer

3D Printing Designer Downloads

Stuck for ideas on what to print? Pinshape offers free open source 3D printing downloads. I was on the site for 20 minutes making a mental note of all the things I’m going to print to decorate my new home. I’m also going to start printing Christmas gifts.

I saw a few things I know my family would love and I like to get my Christmas shopping completed early. Make a note to self for all the occasions coming up in your life where you’ll want to give a gift. This could be the answer you’ve been waiting for.  You can print anything from planters, desk organisers, accessories, masks for Halloween. I need to get a pair of new prescription glasses and found eyeglasses designs to print in a colour of my choice. The list is endless with thousands of downloads available for free.

3d printing designer

Own Your Own

Interested in buying your own 3D printing machine? 3D Systems has 3D printers for the designer enthusiast. Expect to pay a handsome sum. The better the quality the more money they cost. The printers come with free print software. You have to buy your materials, and colour cartridges. The good news is the newest up to date models can print in plastic, nylon or metal. It’s fun to consider making a dining table with chairs if I had the capability.  I wonder how much it would cost to 3D print a chair? Patio season is coming, it’s something I’d like to find out. For now, I’ll get an open source download, head off to my local reference library and learn and print my very own 3D printed design.

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