Ethical fair-trade online stores have changed the retail landscape in the last five years to grab a piece of the conscious retail market. Creating a cradle-to-cradle environment, the companies listed below work with mostly women who use traditional techniques in home decor and fashion. These companies were started by industrious women who saw a need to provide a future for women. By offering artisans employment, it fosters confidence, builds communities and creates financial independence. Receiving a living wage where a woman can take care of her family seems like a normal option for us in the west. But in countries like Uganda & Kenya, it feels like a miracle. For us in the west however ethical shopping is pricey. I believe people would like to shop consciously whilst helping the  less fortunate but they can’t see how.  To make it easier on leaner budgets, below are a few tips on how to shop ethically whilst saving money.

Ethical Fair-Trade Online Boutiques

ethical fair-trade

Soko is one of my favourite sites for accessories they create small handmade collections that are incredibly unique. Each year the collection changes, what you see now may not be there once the new collection is for sale. Checking the sale section, it’s a good indication those pieces are coming off the site. I bought a bull ring on sale last year for $20. It’s a handmade two ring set that I wear frequently. You can get a unique piece of jewellery and still support women without breaking the bank. Soko + UNTF bracelets start at $10. All the proceeds go towards ending violence against women. Collections are inspired by architecture and traditional tribal designs.

ethical fair-trade

Thirty-One Bits landed in my inbox and I came to love their philosophy. Started by grad students who were waitresses and babysitters. A mutual friend named Kallie returned from a life changing trip in Uganda where she met women who survived a war but had nothing. These were single mothers with no means of income and a lack of education. But what they did have was thousands of years of traditional artisan knowledge coupled with a desire to earn a living. Up-cycling what they could find to make jewellery inspired Kallie to buy a box of jewellery for her trip home. Upon returning home Kallie sold the jewellery to friends and a business was born. These young entrepreneurs launched the site 31 bits to sell jewellery that is made only from up-cycled materials. There is a reasonable sale section with prices starting at $9.80. Check out the Mother’s Day section!

Conscious Economy

ethical fair-trade

Sseko’s mandate is to support women globally. What’s interesting about Sseko is anyone can join this organisation by holding trunk shows to earn a side hustle. The company was created for women in Uganda to earn money for University. It became larger than expected and a global enterprise was born. Wearing Sseko sends a young girl to college so she can have better options in the future. They don’t have a sale section but if you subscribe to their updates sales are delivered to your inbox. This site offers a range of ethical fair-trade bags, sandals you customize, and jewellery. All handmade by women for women. If you know someone who loves hosting trunk shows and hustling for fashion, refer them to the fellow program. When they sign up you’ll receive $50. Or refer a friend to the site here. When they spend $50 Sseko sends you a $15 gift card. Gift cards are available for a last minute Mother’s Day gift.

ethical fair-trade

Fashionable believes in jobs vs charity.  People want to work and women who have children to support will always find a way to feed their children. Fashionable is another example women empowering other women. Rachel and Barrett Ward lived in Ethiopia where they saw extreme poverty. Women and girls forced into making terrible choices to earn a living, made the Wards take a stand. They create independence, not charity. This is how Fashionable was born. Starting with ethical fair-trade hand made scarves the company expanded its range to include jewellery and leather goods. Check out the gorgeous selection of bags, all handcrafted to last forever. Check out their ring bar for a selection starting at $15. They don’t have a sale section. Become a subscriber you will receive sale updates and $10 for being a subscriber.

Support Women On Mother’s Day

ethical fair-trade

Raven & Lily is an ethical fair-trade lifestyle brand that empowers women through design. Founded by Kristen Dickerson who’s passion is to end poverty. The company has partnered with over 1500 women in 9 countries who are talented, hard working women. They also wish to provide for their families. When you purchase any of Raven & Lily’s merchandise you are helping to provide dignity, independence and fair wages. Prices range from $14 for a ceramic bowls right up to $278 for a blazer. Shop by price on the left to find something that fits your budget. There isn’t a sale section, subscribe to receive sales notices, and 15% your first purchase.

Order gift or gift card for Mother’s Day and support other mothers. Looking at how our choices impacts others is necessary to stop poverty in vulnerable countries. Always check the sale section, opt-in to subscribe to get a discount, or refer a friend to receive a discount. Every little bit helps when you’re giving back no matter how small your contribution. Don’t forget to get your free ethical accessories guide here.

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