An editorial calendar can be your best friend when you’re starting to curate content for your magazine, your blog, and social media. To this day I still use editorial calendars to work out the kinks before committing to any content. There is a certain magic to making content that looks strong and attractive to future viewers and future businesses. You want to be sure you know exactly what you’re going to write and share by creating a schedule that reflects not only your point of view but is enticing enough for your viewer to keep returning.

Get Organised

I’ve watched people run around in circles claiming to be busy when in fact they’re really busy doing nothing. If you ask them what they’ve accomplished for the week, they may not have anything to speak of. Be careful of becoming a headless chicken, it’s easy to catch the disease from others.

Start by listing three things you may want to write about. I know it’s not a lot but you want to break this down into manageable chunks so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s tempting and exciting to think about all the things you want to write about, don’t get seduced by this. In the beginning, you want to create a clear editorial calendar for all your content. That’s why writing down just three things is sufficient.

Editorial Calendar Attack

Make a list of categories you want to cover. Then break them down into topics. Have a least three topics per category, this should give you enough content for three weeks of blogging, or social media, or three issues. Start moving your categories around until you feel they’re in the right order. Then commit them to the days or issues for publishing. You can either use recipe cards or sticky notes. I prefer the latter because you can move them around and stick them anywhere.Try sticking them on your mirror, or your fridge. Where ever. I even have electronic sticky notes on an alarm. Did I mention I like sticky notes?

To get you started I’ve created an editorial calendar download with instructions. Get your sticky notes out, it’s about to become biblical. Click to get it now!

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