Twenty years ago Vegan luxury bags sounded ridiculous but today vegan luxury bags aren’t so uncommon. I researched companies that produce vegan luxury bags known for their Craftsmanship, Ethical responsibility, Quality, Luxury, Sustainability, and Style. Here are the best bags I found that made it onto this list.

It’s All In The Details



GUNAS is a company that started making vegan luxury bags after noticing a lack of cruelty-free accessories on the market. Devoted animal lover Sugandh G quit her corporate day job as an industrial designer at Kitchen Aid and started her fashion company based in New York. In 2009 Gunas debuted a stylish selection of bags that range in price from $55-$450 for a weekend traveller. Gunas is also one of the first vegan luxury bags brand to sell men’s accessories. Recently the brand has included a small collection of shoes, I’m not sure if they will continue to grow this new area, but I’m keeping a close eye on this company.



JILL MILAN vegan luxury bags were also founded on the philosophy of high-quality bags can be made without animal skins or products. Using former accessories designers from Prada, bags are handcrafted by Italian ateliers to the highest standards using the best materials and techniques to produce classic vegan luxury bags. Cloth bags are stitched by hand and some of the evening bags are entirely handmade. Celebrities  spotted with Jill Milan bags are Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, and Jennifer Lawrence. Visit the site and make sure to click on the Last Chance tab where you’ll find a wonderful sale selection. Price range from $250-1700

Vegan Luxury Bags Are Here To Stay



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STELLA MCCARTNEY vegan luxury bags have been the first to really spotlight non-leather goods can be luxurious and gain popularity. All bags are PVC free, vegetable coated and dyed,and created to the highest standard. As a vegetarian brand,Stella McCartney does not use feathers, fur, leather or skins in any of their collections. The Fallabella bag has been the most popular bag Stella McCartney designed and since it’s debut several versions have followed. This AW 2016 collection sees a collaboration between artist Ed Ruscha who’s striking text imagery graphically emblazoned on the frame “NO LEATHER FEATHERS OR FUR,” “VEG OUT,” “MEAT FREE.” is a reflection of her long-standing friendship with one of the most Iconic artists of the 20th century. Price range $775-2,825

Accessories Market Holding Strong





MAT&NAT started in 1995 as one of the first all vegan luxury bags company. The Montreal-based company inspired by MAT(erial) & NAT(ure) lives by a simple motto `live beautifully` meaning appreciate the beauty that surrounds you and live positively. Inspired by the textures and hues in nature Mat&Nat base their values in social responsibility, integrity, inclusiveness, learning and love. Needless to say when you purchase a Mat&Nat bag you are buying into a company that  believes in making bags that last. These aren`t your fast fashion offerings, Mat&Nat bags will last for more than a couple of years. Committed to not using any animal products all bags are made from eco-friendly leathers or recycled materials such as cork, nylon, cardboard and rubber. This brand also offers a collection of men`s accessories, wallets, belts and shoes. Price range $70-210




GLASS handbags have two vegan luxury handbags in their collection but the same level of luxury is evident in these faux ostrich leather bags. Each bag is made by one person who takes countless hours to make sure every detail meets the Glass criteria of vegan luxury bags. Glass introduced technology into their bags when CEO Tamara Leuty found a solution to the deep searching for those elusive car keys or other small items that disappear at the bottom of the bag. A thin panel of light that’s weightless and durable will light the way to whatever you were routeing around for. I believe this is the first where luxury, technology, and function have been executed so well. It’s any wonder these two bags have been sold out for months. But stay tuned I’m sure there are more to come in the future. Prices range from $228-1,250. Do you want to read more? Check out this post on ethical accessories

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