Becoming a fashion designer isn’t the easiest profession a person can choose. The market is over saturated, extremely competitive with a high failure rate. You have to really love it because it will test you. But there are things you can avoid to make your journey to success a lot easier. Follow these six steps to save you time and money as you create your very own fashion empire.


Fabric Debt

This may not be what you want to hear, but do not go mad buying fabric. I know it excites you. Producing a collection when you don’t have customers is just, well, stupid. You want to see your designs come to life but this is a business. You’re in business to sell and make money doing what you love. Please keep that in mind. You’re a new designer going into the market, think and grow. Buying fabric should be viewed as an investment when becoming a fashion designer. Fabric is a tool that you will use, just like cutting shears or tailor chalk. Don’t look at it as a toy you’re about to play with. Buy fabric for samples only. Do not produce more garments until you have orders lined up.

Runway Seduction

I worked with a designer who was besotted with having a runway show. If you don’t reside in one of the major fashion markets, it’s a waste of time. There are cities that have fashion shows for entertainment. Buyers are not sitting in these front rows, therefore what are you having a fashion show for? You must focus on the business side of fashion if you wish to succeed. Do not spend unnecessary money producing a fashion show that will not yield orders. If you want to have a presentation, do that. Better yet have a video presentation, stream it live and invite a list of buyers, bloggers, and friends to view it. Build intrigue. Buyers will want a closer look if they’re interested.

Niche Market

Do you remember when Juicy Couture came on the market? All they sold were velvet track suits in the beginning. They became the go-to brand for women’s track suits. Everyone wanted one including me. I didn’t even like track suits, but the thought of being wrapped in velvet comfort was so alluring that I yearned to own a velvet track suit. They launched into the market at a high price point for a track suit and women bought them like crazy. Juicy Couture became a cultural phenomenon. Today Juicy Couture is now a full-service brand selling everything from dresses to shoes. My point is launching in a niche market doesn’t mean you have to stay there. What it does mean is guaranteeing a revenue stream that will allow you to expand. Do not discount the power of launching a small niche collection.

Web Presence

Setting up your website immediately is necessary. You can build momentum for launching a line. First, pick your fonts and colours. Don’t take this lightly, this will be your brand identity for years, choose wisely. If you don’t have the ability or care to learn about this, I would suggest hiring a brand expert to create an identity for you. Invest when it’s necessary. You shouldn’t have to do it all. Choose a brand expert by networking within your tribe. Start a blog. Blogging will keep your viewer engaged and it will keep them coming back to your site. Convert viewers into customers. Have a box in your sidebar or a pop-up box for your collection. Your collection doesn’t have to be complete. Blogging keeps your customers updated with your progress.

Becoming A Fashion Designer

The fashion industry is smaller than you may think. It has become even smaller with the internet, so stay humble. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.  You need people to realise your dreams. When becoming a fashion designer you will work with other people. If you’re not a people person you haven’t any business getting involved in the fashion industry. You will work with sewers, stylists, photographers, public relations experts and accountants.This is a people driven business. Word travels fast when you’re not a decent person. It can hinder your progress. Getting your work seen is the goal. Everyone talks all the time. A general rule of thumb is to treat others the way you wish to be treated.

An Average Collection

Becoming a fashion designer isn’t glamourous at all. It isn’t all ball gowns and couture. Do not get seduced by the spectacular displays of craftsmanship on the major runways. Those collections are designed for a very small group of people who have incredible wealth. Concentrate on selling to the average woman. One of the most successful designers I ever met, designed for the average woman. He drove a hummer, lived in a beautiful home and designed for the average woman. This is still an underserved market.  The average woman will need clothes for her career, or special occasions. Cater to their needs and you will be financially successful. Make them look beautiful by designing great clothes made from ethical fabric.

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