It dawned on me that niche market magazines still have a strong place on the web. I have seen incredible opportunities through my own magazine. If you do this right you will attract large companies. Some emails I’ve received from companies like Knoll furniture, and The British Museum asked me to collaborate or review a product. I’ve curated a private collection of clothing for auction two years in a row. This offline gig is like a gift that keeps giving because I get referred from the last curation. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider the types of paid collaborations that find me but they do, You can do the same, check out the list of ideas for a niche market magazine below.

Is This A Niche Market?

Crohn’s Disease is more common thank you think. It’s surprising to know children fall victim to it. The numbers are increasing yearly and there really should be a magazine about the Crohn’s lifestyle. This was not on my radar until I met someone at a party who looked the picture of health. She had Crohn’s Disease. But unlike many people who I’ve met with Crohn’s this woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Successfully controlling the disease with diet. It marveled me because most people I have seen with Crohn’s looked ill. Their hair and skin were dull, lifeless. This woman at the party was radiant and glowing. This has the potential to be a successful magazine that is under-represented.

Digital Celebrity Is a thing now. I no longer watch mainstream television. Canceling my cable for online subscriptions was a money saving gift.  I am an avid watcher of Youtube. There are great high-quality channels started by ordinary people who have created remarkable success. Don’t get me wrong there’s also a lot of mediocrity trying to get your attention too. This idea could make an interesting magazine. People loved to be interviewed. They love to share their stories. This idea has endless possibilities. If you can do it well, this niche market publication is a sleeper hit. Digital millionaires are rapidly increasing. They are a number of television shows that got their start from Youtube.

Plus Size is still a growing market that has not peaked yet. Unlike blogs/magazines about cooking, blogging, etc. The plus-size market accounts for a growing revenue of 17 billion dollars. The average dress size on the Nth. American continent is a 12-14. This is a considered a plus size. Retailers are scrambling to find a way to tap into this market. Creating a plus size tribe will attract advertisers that you can pick from. Shoppers aren’t prepared to settle for large smocks anymore. Plus size girls want to look cute. Designers who already cater to the plus size market; Oscar de la Renta, Dana Buchman, Donna Karan, Anne Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. Retailers Marina Rinaldi, and Lane Bryant secured their companies as authorities for plus size clothes a long time ago. Find affordable quality for the plus size market, wrap it in a lifestyle magazine and you’ve got a winner. I have yet to see this done well.

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Find A Hole In A Niche Market

Autism is a highly underserved niche market. Parents huddle in forums looking for answers and support. They’re hoping to gain as much knowledge as possible. The problem is they have to look in a variety of places. Are you a parent with an Autistic child, a child with Asperger’s syndrome, or a child on the Autistic spectrum? Have you managed to parent successfully? Are there tips and tricks you’ve mastered over the years? Do you have an arsenal of resources bookmarked?  This could be your area to launch a digital magazine.  Check out the competition, see how you can create a magazine with a different point of view. No one has really tackled this area well in my opinion. Can you lend a different voice to Autism? Speaking from a parent’s angle, wrapped in a lifestyle magazine that’s positive and hopeful is the way to do it.

Create Highly Identifiable Content

Reality TV is an idea that came to me when a friend and I were discussing Real Housewives of New York. I admit I watch a couple of RHO franchise. I can’t tell you why. It’s like watching a car crash. You know you should look away but you’re riveted with curiosity. My point is this is a great magazine to launch if you’re the type that lives for Reality TV. You know all the players and keep up with the latest news. All your friends ring you up to find out what they missed on their favourite reality TV program.  You’re an avid follower of reality stars in their off time. This magazine is an easy one for you. You have to love popular culture. You study it and follow it like a mantra. This area has heaps of potential.

Speciality Diet food blogs can still be successful. Food blogs are an over saturated market. But where it appears to still show signs of growth is specialty diets.  A well done Vegan Keto, Paleo, and/or Gluten-Free blog makes money. I don’t tend to have any dietary issues that plague me. Every once in awhile I eat like a vegan to give my system a rest. I also eat gluten-free occasionally because I really like some of the brands. I’m not a representative of this market, but this market is also reaching me, along with their unique customer. Do you cook? Do you like to experiment? Not all vegan recipes taste great. I once had a gluten-free cupcake that was bloody awful. You have great delicious recipes in a specialty area. Share them with the world, please!!

Do any of these niche market magazine ideas appeal to you? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to follow along when you launch. I’m hoping this list gets your creative juices flowing to think about really specializing your content. Join my 7-day free course to get you started. I’ll guide you the rest of the way to success.

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