8 Ethical Beauty And Lifestyle Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

8 Ethical Beauty And Lifestyle Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

Stuck for gifts this holidays season? Looking for something trendy, stylish and ethical? As an ethical beauty and lifestyle blogger at Riatta, I was asked to share with you my top picks for ethical gifts this holiday season. So, without further ado let’s get inspired by these fantastic ethical gift ideas!


Ethical Beauty Indulgence For Her:


Planet Luxe: Hand Balm + Hand Wash
A set of Planet Luxes hand balm and hand wash makes a stylish addition to any bathroom counter with their sleek modern design. One pump of each provides a truly indulgent hand washing experience leaving hands feeling clean and moisturised. Available in vanilla and lemon myrtle blends, made with stunning Australian botanicals. The vanilla hand balm and hand wash are a weakness of mine. As an ethical beauty holiday gift, I imagine they will become a weakness for others too!

Purchase with confidence knowing there are no hidden nasties. Planet Luxe does not use animal by-products or test their products on animals. They are free from toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Planet Luxe is also part of 1% for the planet, meaning they donate 1% of annual sales to sustainable initiatives and making a real difference. Their donation goes to Rainforest Rescue, helping their work protecting the Daintree Rainforest.

ethical beauty bath salts


Caim and Able: Body Scrub + Bath Soak
Holidays can be a busy and stressful time even amongst all the cheer and celebration. What better way to relax after the busy holiday season than with some new luxurious bath products? Caim and Able’s Clementine and Coffee Body Scrub and Frankincense and Rose Bath Soak make an ideal pair for just that. Both are highly indulgent and enjoyable to use with addictive natural scents.

On top of being a treat to use Caim and Able’s bath products also contain magnesium. Absorbing magnesium through the skin is an easy and effective way to boost magnesium levels and address potential magnesium deficiencies, which are extremely common.

Caim and Able are a socially conscious brand with 25% of profits going towards helping victims of domestic violence and preventing homelessness. Their products are handcrafted with only safe and natural ingredients and never tested on animals. They are proudly Australian made.


ethical beauty eco tan


Eco Tan: Travel Essentials Pack
Eco Tan is the place to go for all your natural tanning solutions. Their products are perfect for helping you keep a beautiful glow all year round or for that special occasion or season. Their Travel Essentials Pack is an ideal way to introduce yourself or another to their range of products. It contains a body lotion, body wash, salt scrub and two different tanning creams for different skin types. I only wish it included their face tan water! With a taste of so many differed products, it makes “a sure to impress gift” for this holiday season.

Eco Tan’s travel essentials are vegan. Made with certified organic ingredients and cruelty-free with no animal testing. Being toxin free means you have a tanning solution that won’t compromise your skin or health. Eco Tan is an Australian made natural ethical beauty brand.


 Something Naturally Inspired for Him:


Native Man: Shaving Cream + After Shave
Native Man offers a brilliant 4-in-2 skin care system for men. Their shaving cream doubles as a refreshing face wash. The aftershave also works as a soothing moisturiser. This duo from Native Man makes an ideal simplified skincare system made with premium natural ingredients. Both products boast appealing fresh manly scents derived from natural essential oils. Native Man’s shaving cream and after-shave are vegan, certified organic, cruelty-free and proudly Australian made. The stylish and sleek packaging makes a great luxury holiday gift for that special man in your life – be it a partner, family member or good friend.


ethical beauty love tea


A Treat for Tea Lovers:
Made by Fressko: Insulated Flasks with Infuser + Love Tea: Tea
Do you know someone that absolutely has to start their day with a coffee or a cup of tea? Or just love to have their favourite drink on hand as they go about their day? An insulated glass flask Made by Fressko will make a unique stylish gift allowing them to take their desired beverage on the go while keeping it hot or cold.

These flasks are ideal for many different beverages including coffee, tea, fruit infused water, smoothies, juice, and water. It comes with a special infuser that can be placed in the top of the bottle to brew your drink in the flask.


It’s Easy To Drink More Tea


Made by Fresko is an exceptional Australian brand. Founded with a vision to help reduce plastic waste and break away from single-use plastic and coffee cup culture. Providing stylish, attractive, reusable and chemical and BPA free sustainable products. Their philosophy; “be kind to mother earth, to others and to yourself.”

The Made by Fressko range includes an insulated bamboo and stainless-steel flask and several different sized insulated double walled glass flasks. As a gift, it pairs perfectly with the recipient’s favourite brand of tea or coffee. Don’t know their favourite brand? Get them something new to try Love Tea or another ethical tea brand.


ethical beauty


Something Practical for the Aspiring Zero Waster:
That Red House: Soapberries
Even if you aren’t aspiring towards zero waste we can all appreciate a thoughtful product that can help us reduce our impact on the environment. For those who appreciate more practical gifts, soapberries are a unique, sustainable, and ethical zero-waste solution to laundry detergents.

That Red House is a fantastic Australian soapberry brand who ethically source premium soapberries from Nepal supporting local communities and the ‘Grow Nepal’ initiative. Not only are they free from toxins and chemicals soapberries are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, making them suitable the whole family – especially babies! That Red House soapberries are vegan, not tested on animals, certified organic, are fully compostable and grey-water and septic safe.


ethical beauty lip balm

Fun Holiday Ethical Beauty Stocking Stuffers:
Hurraw: Lip Balms
Hurraw lip balms make a perfect little stocking stuffer! Who doesn’t love a good lip balm? With a wide range of flavours to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone in Hurraws extensive range of natural lip balms. They leave your lips feeling soft, nourished and protected while the addictive scents make taking care of your lips a treat.

Your Filler Gifts


These lavish lip balms are cruelty-free, vegan and certified organic. Formulated using high quality ethically sourced natural ingredients and cold pressed to preserve the nutrients for your lips. Packaging is made using post-consumer recycled materials where possible and is recyclable. The tubes are a cleverly designed oval shape and fit surprisingly comfortably in your hand. It is a very comfortable and convenient shape for swiping onto your lips! Holding a standard round lip balm tube after just feels wrong. Looking for a cute ethical stocking stuffer?  You won’t be disappointed with Hurraw!

Planet Luxe: Boxed Soaps
A luxurious artisan crafted boxed soap filled with rich, nourishing and indulgent ingredients. A perfect sized gift to slip into a stocking and bring a smile as it is pulled out. Ethical beauty brand Planet Luxe offers three variations, Black Anise providing an exotic and invigorating experience, Lemon Myrtle to uplift and refresh and Rose Petal for a sensual and relaxing treat.


ethical beauty


These soaps are Australian made with a natural botanical blend of plant and pure essential oils. Planet Luxe does not use animal by-products or test their products on animals. They are free from toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Purchase with confidence knowing there are no hidden nasties, just luxury all-natural soap. Planet Luxe is also part of 1% for the planet. Donating 1% of sales to environmental efforts.

Hopefully, you are feeling a little less daunted and more inspired than ever heading into this holiday shopping season. I sure am! Shopping for ethical beauty and natural products is nowhere near the stretch it was before with the number of ethically focused brands rising significantly in recent years.

It’s a shame I could only highlight just a few particularly impressive ethical products and brands here because there are much more I adore. While many of these brands are Australian. We offer worldwide shipping for those who are interested in giving these exceptional Aussie brands a go.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Holidays from us here at Riatta!

THINKmag Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour 2018

THINKmag Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour 2018

Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour is coming next October in partnership with Tourcan Vacations! I’m excited to kick off the first update. A 10-day tour to the best eco-resorts and hotels handpicked to showcase the beauty and natural Moroccan landscape. I can confirm this will be an adventure of a lifetime. Eco-conscious travellers want to see the beauty and splendour of Morocco. You will see the souks, stay in a variety of eco-luxury resorts & hotels and eat great food.

Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour

Morocco is a melting pot of several cultures echoed in the architecture and culture of the country. Your senses will awake to new sites, colours, and dimensions on this exclusive 10-day tour. See hand-woven rugs and scarves. Ethically made pottery with patterns indigenous to Morocco will entice you to pick up a few gifts for friends, family or yourself. We will see and buy real argan oil from argan trees.  Be part of the tour of a lifetime.

eco-luxury moroccan tour

Shop The Souks

I’m looking forward to shopping for the holidays. The souk markets are some of the best in the world where you will find everything from small home furnishings, clothing and more. All I can say at this time is it’s going to be a fabulous adventure. I will announce the first confirmed hotel next Monday. Excited? You’ll see the first destination where you will stay upon arrival.

You can come on this tour from anywhere in the world. Anyone over the age of 35 is welcome. This a tour for adults only. The first hotel update will be announced next week. I am your guide and I like to travel comfortably. Therefore you will too. The eco-luxury Moroccan Tour will commence in October 2018.  There are 20 18 spots available Price and dates are to be determined. Stay up to date as this tour progresses. Sign up for updates here.

Positioning Statement? What Is That? Why Do I Need One?

Positioning Statement? What Is That? Why Do I Need One?

What is a positioning statement? A positioning statement tells the world what your magazine is about. It says you’ve launched in a particular market. Especially when it’s done correctly, a positioning statement is powerful.

I love to tell the story of how a positioning statement saved Nike from financial ruin. At the time Adidas was crushing Nike. Everyone wanted to wear Adidas. It was the coolest brand compared to Nike. Run DMC even wrote a song called My Adidas. It was the athletic shoe brand that everyone was keen to wear.

Meanwhile Nike was floundering. Rumours were floating about they were on the doorstep of bankruptcy until Just Do It became their mantra. Enlisting Michael Jordan as the face of a campaign for their Nike Air Shoe. Blasting off into the stratosphere, Nike surpassed Adidas crushing them on the way up the success ladder. And the rest was history.

What Is My Positioning Statement?

The point is a positioning statement when written correctly can elevate your brand to a whole new level. In order to stand apart from the rest a one sentence tagline tells the viewer who you are and what is your price point. Whether you wish to launch in a high, medium or lower priced market a positioning statement can make or break your introduction.

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It also works well when you’re speaking to people who want to know what your magazine is all about. If you can sum it up in one sentence you’re golden.

So how do I come up with one? It can be the easiest thing to do, or the hardest thing to do. If you have a vast vocabulary the more words you have in your arsenal the easier it will be. If you don’t the harder it will be. Fear not, the best linguists get stuck. The best thing to do is to spend an hour or two thinking deeply about where you wish to launch in the market.  

positioning statement

Where Do I Want To Launch?

Do you want to launch in the high end market, the mid-level market or low end market? All markets of these generate revenue. Don’t be fooled into thinking you must be in the high end market. Your target audience knows exactly how much they wish to spend.

What do I want my brand to say? Getting this right will secure your audience. Turning this into revenue and brand collaborations is easier to achieve. Brands know exactly what your magazine is about the moment they view it.

Then let it go. Don’t think about it anymore. Do your everyday things. Make sure you have access to a pen and paper because it can come at anytime. Or download a dictation app. I use the app called Recorder. It comes with ads that can be ignored.

You want your positioning statement to be a short sentence not a lengthy diatribe. The shorter the better. Aim for 10 words or less. My positioning statement on my landing page is six words. it says exactly what my site is about. It says exactly where I am in the market place also. Create a timeless positioning statement.  This can take a few take a few attempts. Don’t get discouraged.  I used a formula to create my positioning statement.  You can download my formula on how to do this. It will make it a lot easier. It totally worked for me and I know it will work for you too! Let me know how you got on by leaving a comment below.

Can Smog Free Bicycles Clean China’s Pollution?

Can Smog Free Bicycles Clean China’s Pollution?

Smog free bicycles may sound too good to be true, but they’re now going to be a thing in China. The smog free project by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde started with a smog free ring and the tower. The ring showed black smog trapped in a clear square to emphasize the air quality. Why stop there? Thinking bigger, a tower was created to do the same thing and it also worked well. This inventor was on a roll thinking of how a nation can get involved in cleaning the air themselves. China being a capital for bicycles it made sense to design a bike to reduce the pollution in the air. It’s an incredible invention that was recently unveiled at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting last month.

Smog Free Bicycles

It sounds impossible to invent a bicycle that cleans the air doesn’t it? After all this could be the answer to reducing our CO2 admissions on a much larger scale. Inventions are by definition unbelievable at first. Think of how Alexander Graham Bell was regarded when he first introduced a prototype for the telephone. Today we’re walking around with our telephones. Could smog free cars be next?

The bicycle takes in polluted air, cleans it, and releases clean air around the cyclist. It combines transportation and clean air promotion at the same time.  As cycling is one of the main sources of transportation. It made sense to launch this in China where pollution is one of the highest in the world. The invention acquired confirmation by the Eindhoven University of Technology’s findings on the results of the smog free tower. The largest bike sharing initiative will launch in China in the near future.

smog-free bicycles

The results from this will encourage urban cities to embrace this new clean air project. It will promote a healthier city in a two pronged attack.  Eco warrior Daan Roosegaarde’s passion for clean air led him to one of the most important inventions of this century. I’m excited to see this grow across the world. Cycling cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam are two of the largest cycling cities in Europe. Could they benefit from bikes that clean the air? Certainly any city with a cycling paths and bike sharing can adapt this project. Leave your comments below.

Repurpose Architecture: Historic Spanish Building For Threatrical Space

Repurpose Architecture: Historic Spanish Building For Threatrical Space

Repurpose architecture into something new was a challenge design firm Flores & Prats was thrilled to take on. As part of the adaptive-reuse project in Barcelona Spain. The former headquarters the Pau i Justicia cooperative has been turned into a theatrical space for public use. Originally built in the 1920’s the building fell into disrepair. It became a sleeping beauty. Flores & Prats saw many features they wanted to leave in tact. The original building would be remembered into the future. Adapting what was already there was a rehabilitation not a demolition.

repurpose architecture

Repurpose Architecture

The art deco features remain to tell a story. The large sash windows updated with paint.  Mosaic tiles got cleaned to show a variety of design patterns and textures.  The existing plaster left raw to give that industrial feel in areas where lighter colours work in harmony with natural light.  There is a bar-restaurant open to the public to have a meal and take in a show. Attend a workshop on writing or drama. This space is for creative minds to explore and expand. The former ballroom is used for workshops and a second space for performances.  All of the architectural history is left to tell a story from the past.

repurpose architecture

What Was Old Is New Again

Paying respect to what it was and celebrating what it has become. The Sala Beckett opened in 2016 to a well-received reception of people who loved the refurbishment. This well-loved building was the perfect project to repurpose architecture for a drama and creative space. This is happening in other cities. History is preserved by through adaptive projects like this one. Let’s turn abandoned buildings into places for people to gather. Or better yet rezone for residential use to house our aging population and people with a fixed income. What do you think about adaptive projects? Please leave a comment below.

Photos: Adria Goula

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