“Buying ethical clothing is expensive.” “I don’t know if I can afford it.” I hear this all the time, the truth is can you afford not to buy responsibly? That’s the question you should be asking yourself.  Fashion has now become the second largest polluter due to fast-fashion brands like H&M, TopShop, Joe Fresh, Primark, and Forever21. Clothes from these brands may be cheaper to buy, but you’re also getting cheaper quality clothing that won’t last. Consumers spend over 2 trillion dollars a year on fashion. Guess what? You’re actually spending more. These brands end up in landfills or they are sent to third world countries to either sit in their landfills or in some cases re-sold. Either way, it’s still sitting around like garbage, it’s now a worrying problem.

Shop Ethical Clothing

You might be a surprised to read this but I hate shopping. I work as a stylist/creative director in print media, I’m always pulling clothes. Running around town dropping off and picking up clothing for shoots. It’s not glamorous at all. I’m a glorified porter. So when I have to shop for myself I attack it like a ninja. Shopping twice a year at the end of the season ensures the best sale prices. Right now I’m investing in autumn winter clothing more than spring summer. I know this may not be what you want to do but your wallet will thank you. You can still buy a couple of spring summer items, but the bulk of your budget should go towards autumn winter clothing. Buy one spring summer item from this season if you want. Then buy another item on sale from autumn winter that you can wear in the spring.

Online Shopping

Shopping online can yield you deeper savings that aren’t available in the stores. Always check the sale section on sites, you can always find some gems that won’t break the bank. Become a subscriber of sites you want to buy from. When they have large sales you’ll be the first to know. Some companies offer free shipping over $50, take advantage of that. Ebates is a great option, I’ve managed to gain just over $100 cash back from shopping. Ebates has a large selection of retailers to choose from. The list runs from fashion, home, even courses. This handy app called Donegood is wonderful to shop for ethical clothing. Download it and when you’re surfing Donegood will show you alternative ethical online options that offer discounts for Donegood app users.

Reducing your waste and calling fast-fashion companies into question to offer you a better product is what all consumers should want. We all deserve to have quality for our hard earned money. Buy smart, buy less, and buy quality and you will save money in the long run.

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