Eco-Friendly Hammam Is Part Of The Tour

Eco-Friendly Hammam Is Part Of The Tour

Eco-friendly is such a common phrase now. But the Guest House Fellah is far from common. Located just outside Marrakech, this sanctuary it’s part of the 10-day tour. A perfect spot to decompress in a quiet setting and leave your cares behind.

Situated on 11 hectares this eco-friendly hammam offers yoga classes if you wish to learn or continue your practice.  You can visit the treehouse, milk a goat or groom a donkey. How many times in life will you say I groomed a donkey?

This UNESCO recognised site is a working farm where you gather your own eggs for breakfast. Savour authentic Moroccan food and drink in Touco’s the small onsite restaurant that serves cuisine with herbs and vegetables straight from the garden. Ask the resident mixologist to make you a drink that nourishes you.

Eco-Friendly Hammam Is Waiting For Me

eco-friendly hammam

Each guest check-in contributes a portion to the Dar al-Ma mun an art centre and library provide cultural activities for the local villagers. Some village residents are artists in residence at the Guest House Fellah. You can visit artists on-site to see there work.

This eco-friendly hammam is meticulously decorated with a fluid blend of traditional Moroccan decor fused with contemporary design.  Think Berber cloth funked up and fabulous.This is a hotel where we will chill out in a private oasis.

eco friendly hammam

Artists in residence welcome visitors who wish to view their latest works. We might even see them hanging out by the pool. Poetry readings are a regular occurrence here.

This is the tour of a lifetime. Morocco doesn’t happen every day so come with me! You don’t have to be an artist or a designer. If you are, this is the tour for you. It will be a visual delight of epic proportion. Stay up-to-date with all the delicious details here. Life is to be lived and adventures are part of the fun.

Being Beautiful While Being Eco-Friendly

Being Beautiful While Being Eco-Friendly

We are being more conscious about how our actions impact the environment. This holds true even in the case of beauty products. We do not choose one product only because it’s cheap or effective, but also because it does not harm the environment in any way. With this, the rest of this post will give you a quick look at some of the things that you can do to become beautiful while being eco-friendly at the same time.

Look At The Ingredients

Before you decide which one to buy, you should first look at the label and evaluate the ingredients that are used. Avoid toxic chemicals as they can cause skin irritation and other side effects. To be specific, you might want to stay away from those that contain phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, triclosan, and formaldehyde, among others. For natural beauty products, Well Within Beauty is one company that is worth looking at.

natural ingredients

Try Home Routines

If you want to save money while still staying beautiful, you can use the things that you have at home. Among others, baking soda is one of the best ingredients for natural beauty hacks. You can use it as a body scrub, softening calluses, bath soak, deodorant, acne treatment, and teeth whitening, among others. Lemon can also be used, specifically for natural cleansing, blackhead removal, and skin brightening, among others.

Choose Recycled Packaging

Using organic beauty products is not enough. Aside from being made of natural ingredients, it will also be good if you choose those that are made using recycled packaging, which will be indicative of the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Meanwhile, you can also recycle the packaging, if possible. For instance, reuse bottle and containers instead of just throwing them away.

natural ingredients

Cut Down On Waste

For women who shave, it’s now about time to ditch the disposable razor. The ones made from plastic can be cheap, but they add up to your waste since you have to throw them after every use. With this, it’s better to switch to a high-quality stainless steel razor, which can be used multiple times. More so, rather than using cotton buds, it would be better if you will use a washable cloth to clean your ears. If you often use cotton balls, you might want to consider switching to reusable cosmetic wipes. These things can help you to minimize waste.

Ditch The Perfumes

Spraying a perfume will make you smell better and fresher. However, the problem with most of the perfumes that you can see today is that they are full of synthetic fragrances and chemicals, especially those that are responsible for making the smell last longer. With this, using essential oils can prove to be a better alternative.

To be beautiful, you do not have to take actions that endanger the environment. Be more intelligent in the selection of beauty products. Make sure that they are made using natural ingredients that do not pose any harm to the environment.

THINKmag Partners with Future Cities Show 2018

THINKmag Partners with Future Cities Show 2018

The second edition of the Future Cities Show will take place on the 9th to the 11th of April 2018 in Dubai. This year THINKmag is an invited media partner covering the events surrounding the show. The show will highlight the latest and the most innovative technologies, which are set to change the future of how we live.

The Future Cities Show is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations and adopted by 193 countries in September 2015. The show also incorporates the 10X Dubai directives, set by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. This is a radical program that seeks to establish “X Labs” in every government entity and position Dubai 10 years ahead of the rest of the world.

future cities show

Furthermore, it’s a  great platform for local and international institutions from various industries to showcase their latest technologies. Redefining the way we live in the future, the show will focus on three pillars. Sustainability, Innovation, and Happiness.

FCS 2018 aims to bring together environmentalists, sustainability leaders, innovators, solution providers, healthcare practitioners, energy consultants & architects. All under one roof to interact, to discuss and showcase solutions for a smart sustainable future.

Future Cities Show Awards

Awards will be given in a variety of categories for sustainable tourism, progressive city, data, security, technology, green leadership, challenging mobility, livability, & futuristic innovation. In fact, nominations are still open to projects globally. Do you know of a project that deserves to win in any of the above categories? Don’t waste any time finding out what needs to be done.

The exhibition takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Right in the heart of that iconic skyline Dubai is known for. A show of this magnitude about a sustainable future is not to be missed. The world is changing that we cannot deny.

The focus on doom and gloom is getting too much attention. We should be focusing on the great changes coming. The Future Cities Show is focusing on what we can improve for future generations to come. For more information on attending FCS, please visit the site for further information.

8 Ethical Beauty And Lifestyle Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

8 Ethical Beauty And Lifestyle Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

Stuck for gifts this holidays season? Looking for something trendy, stylish and ethical? As an ethical beauty and lifestyle blogger at Riatta, I was asked to share with you my top picks for ethical gifts this holiday season. So, without further ado let’s get inspired by these fantastic ethical gift ideas!


Ethical Beauty Indulgence For Her:


Planet Luxe: Hand Balm + Hand Wash
A set of Planet Luxes hand balm and hand wash makes a stylish addition to any bathroom counter with their sleek modern design. One pump of each provides a truly indulgent hand washing experience leaving hands feeling clean and moisturised. Available in vanilla and lemon myrtle blends, made with stunning Australian botanicals. The vanilla hand balm and hand wash are a weakness of mine. As an ethical beauty holiday gift, I imagine they will become a weakness for others too!

Purchase with confidence knowing there are no hidden nasties. Planet Luxe does not use animal by-products or test their products on animals. They are free from toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Planet Luxe is also part of 1% for the planet, meaning they donate 1% of annual sales to sustainable initiatives and making a real difference. Their donation goes to Rainforest Rescue, helping their work protecting the Daintree Rainforest.

ethical beauty bath salts


Caim and Able: Body Scrub + Bath Soak
Holidays can be a busy and stressful time even amongst all the cheer and celebration. What better way to relax after the busy holiday season than with some new luxurious bath products? Caim and Able’s Clementine and Coffee Body Scrub and Frankincense and Rose Bath Soak make an ideal pair for just that. Both are highly indulgent and enjoyable to use with addictive natural scents.

On top of being a treat to use Caim and Able’s bath products also contain magnesium. Absorbing magnesium through the skin is an easy and effective way to boost magnesium levels and address potential magnesium deficiencies, which are extremely common.

Caim and Able are a socially conscious brand with 25% of profits going towards helping victims of domestic violence and preventing homelessness. Their products are handcrafted with only safe and natural ingredients and never tested on animals. They are proudly Australian made.


ethical beauty eco tan


Eco Tan: Travel Essentials Pack
Eco Tan is the place to go for all your natural tanning solutions. Their products are perfect for helping you keep a beautiful glow all year round or for that special occasion or season. Their Travel Essentials Pack is an ideal way to introduce yourself or another to their range of products. It contains a body lotion, body wash, salt scrub and two different tanning creams for different skin types. I only wish it included their face tan water! With a taste of so many differed products, it makes “a sure to impress gift” for this holiday season.

Eco Tan’s travel essentials are vegan. Made with certified organic ingredients and cruelty-free with no animal testing. Being toxin free means you have a tanning solution that won’t compromise your skin or health. Eco Tan is an Australian made natural ethical beauty brand.


 Something Naturally Inspired for Him:


Native Man: Shaving Cream + After Shave
Native Man offers a brilliant 4-in-2 skin care system for men. Their shaving cream doubles as a refreshing face wash. The aftershave also works as a soothing moisturiser. This duo from Native Man makes an ideal simplified skincare system made with premium natural ingredients. Both products boast appealing fresh manly scents derived from natural essential oils. Native Man’s shaving cream and after-shave are vegan, certified organic, cruelty-free and proudly Australian made. The stylish and sleek packaging makes a great luxury holiday gift for that special man in your life – be it a partner, family member or good friend.


ethical beauty love tea


A Treat for Tea Lovers:
Made by Fressko: Insulated Flasks with Infuser + Love Tea: Tea
Do you know someone that absolutely has to start their day with a coffee or a cup of tea? Or just love to have their favourite drink on hand as they go about their day? An insulated glass flask Made by Fressko will make a unique stylish gift allowing them to take their desired beverage on the go while keeping it hot or cold.

These flasks are ideal for many different beverages including coffee, tea, fruit infused water, smoothies, juice, and water. It comes with a special infuser that can be placed in the top of the bottle to brew your drink in the flask.


It’s Easy To Drink More Tea


Made by Fresko is an exceptional Australian brand. Founded with a vision to help reduce plastic waste and break away from single-use plastic and coffee cup culture. Providing stylish, attractive, reusable and chemical and BPA free sustainable products. Their philosophy; “be kind to mother earth, to others and to yourself.”

The Made by Fressko range includes an insulated bamboo and stainless-steel flask and several different sized insulated double walled glass flasks. As a gift, it pairs perfectly with the recipient’s favourite brand of tea or coffee. Don’t know their favourite brand? Get them something new to try Love Tea or another ethical tea brand.


ethical beauty


Something Practical for the Aspiring Zero Waster:
That Red House: Soapberries
Even if you aren’t aspiring towards zero waste we can all appreciate a thoughtful product that can help us reduce our impact on the environment. For those who appreciate more practical gifts, soapberries are a unique, sustainable, and ethical zero-waste solution to laundry detergents.

That Red House is a fantastic Australian soapberry brand who ethically source premium soapberries from Nepal supporting local communities and the ‘Grow Nepal’ initiative. Not only are they free from toxins and chemicals soapberries are hypoallergenic and gentle on sensitive skin, making them suitable the whole family – especially babies! That Red House soapberries are vegan, not tested on animals, certified organic, are fully compostable and grey-water and septic safe.


ethical beauty lip balm

Fun Holiday Ethical Beauty Stocking Stuffers:
Hurraw: Lip Balms
Hurraw lip balms make a perfect little stocking stuffer! Who doesn’t love a good lip balm? With a wide range of flavours to choose from, there is sure to be something for everyone in Hurraws extensive range of natural lip balms. They leave your lips feeling soft, nourished and protected while the addictive scents make taking care of your lips a treat.

Your Filler Gifts


These lavish lip balms are cruelty-free, vegan and certified organic. Formulated using high quality ethically sourced natural ingredients and cold pressed to preserve the nutrients for your lips. Packaging is made using post-consumer recycled materials where possible and is recyclable. The tubes are a cleverly designed oval shape and fit surprisingly comfortably in your hand. It is a very comfortable and convenient shape for swiping onto your lips! Holding a standard round lip balm tube after just feels wrong. Looking for a cute ethical stocking stuffer?  You won’t be disappointed with Hurraw!

Planet Luxe: Boxed Soaps
A luxurious artisan crafted boxed soap filled with rich, nourishing and indulgent ingredients. A perfect sized gift to slip into a stocking and bring a smile as it is pulled out. Ethical beauty brand Planet Luxe offers three variations, Black Anise providing an exotic and invigorating experience, Lemon Myrtle to uplift and refresh and Rose Petal for a sensual and relaxing treat.


ethical beauty


These soaps are Australian made with a natural botanical blend of plant and pure essential oils. Planet Luxe does not use animal by-products or test their products on animals. They are free from toxic chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Purchase with confidence knowing there are no hidden nasties, just luxury all-natural soap. Planet Luxe is also part of 1% for the planet. Donating 1% of sales to environmental efforts.

Hopefully, you are feeling a little less daunted and more inspired than ever heading into this holiday shopping season. I sure am! Shopping for ethical beauty and natural products is nowhere near the stretch it was before with the number of ethically focused brands rising significantly in recent years.

It’s a shame I could only highlight just a few particularly impressive ethical products and brands here because there are much more I adore. While many of these brands are Australian. We offer worldwide shipping for those who are interested in giving these exceptional Aussie brands a go.

Wishing you a safe and Happy Holidays from us here at Riatta!

THINKmag Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour 2018

THINKmag Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour 2018

Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour is coming next October in partnership with Tourcan Vacations! I’m excited to kick off the first update. A 10-day tour to the best eco-resorts and hotels handpicked to showcase the beauty and natural Moroccan landscape. I can confirm this will be an adventure of a lifetime. Eco-conscious travellers want to see the beauty and splendour of Morocco. You will see the souks, stay in a variety of eco-luxury resorts & hotels and eat great food.

Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour

Morocco is a melting pot of several cultures echoed in the architecture and culture of the country. Your senses will awake to new sites, colours, and dimensions on this exclusive 10-day tour. See hand-woven rugs and scarves. Ethically made pottery with patterns indigenous to Morocco will entice you to pick up a few gifts for friends, family or yourself. We will see and buy real argan oil from argan trees.  Be part of the tour of a lifetime.

eco-luxury moroccan tour

Shop The Souks

I’m looking forward to shopping for the holidays. The souk markets are some of the best in the world where you will find everything from small home furnishings, clothing and more. All I can say at this time is it’s going to be a fabulous adventure. I will announce the first confirmed hotel next Monday. Excited? You’ll see the first destination where you will stay upon arrival.

You can come on this tour from anywhere in the world. Anyone over the age of 35 is welcome. This a tour for adults only. The first hotel update will be announced next week. I am your guide and I like to travel comfortably. Therefore you will too. The eco-luxury Moroccan Tour will commence in October 2018.  There are 20 18 spots available Price and dates are to be determined. Stay up to date as this tour progresses. Sign up for updates here.

Can Smog Free Bicycles Clean China’s Pollution?

Can Smog Free Bicycles Clean China’s Pollution?

Smog free bicycles may sound too good to be true, but they’re now going to be a thing in China. The smog free project by Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde started with a smog free ring and the tower. The ring showed black smog trapped in a clear square to emphasize the air quality. Why stop there? Thinking bigger, a tower was created to do the same thing and it also worked well. This inventor was on a roll thinking of how a nation can get involved in cleaning the air themselves. China being a capital for bicycles it made sense to design a bike to reduce the pollution in the air. It’s an incredible invention that was recently unveiled at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting last month.

Smog Free Bicycles

It sounds impossible to invent a bicycle that cleans the air doesn’t it? After all this could be the answer to reducing our CO2 admissions on a much larger scale. Inventions are by definition unbelievable at first. Think of how Alexander Graham Bell was regarded when he first introduced a prototype for the telephone. Today we’re walking around with our telephones. Could smog free cars be next?

The bicycle takes in polluted air, cleans it, and releases clean air around the cyclist. It combines transportation and clean air promotion at the same time.  As cycling is one of the main sources of transportation. It made sense to launch this in China where pollution is one of the highest in the world. The invention acquired confirmation by the Eindhoven University of Technology’s findings on the results of the smog free tower. The largest bike sharing initiative will launch in China in the near future.

smog-free bicycles

The results from this will encourage urban cities to embrace this new clean air project. It will promote a healthier city in a two pronged attack.  Eco warrior Daan Roosegaarde’s passion for clean air led him to one of the most important inventions of this century. I’m excited to see this grow across the world. Cycling cities such as Copenhagen and Amsterdam are two of the largest cycling cities in Europe. Could they benefit from bikes that clean the air? Certainly any city with a cycling paths and bike sharing can adapt this project. Leave your comments below.

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