Neal’s Yard Giveaway

Neal’s Yard Giveaway

Neals Yard Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies is in Canada and to celebrate its arrival I’m giving away a box of beauty products! Right now the box is empty but I’ll be putting a product a day in the box until it’s full. Then one lucky winner will receive this beautifully crafted box full of Neal’s Yard Remedies. To enter simply include your details below then share this post using #thinkmagnealsyard.

Let me give you some background information about Neal’s Yard Remedies. It has been a family business since it’s conception. It started in an area in London, England called Neal’s Yard hence the name. A colourful area where you will find a lot of homoeopathic choices and vegetarian restaurants. Neal’s Yard Remedies is one of the oldest organic skincare companies out there. It has always been a plant based company that promotes traditional apothecaries, and they do not test on animals.

The more you share the more chances you have to enter. But make sure to include @thinkmaghq and @nealsyard when you share the posts so we can find you. The next post will reveal the first Neal’s Yard product to go into the box and I’ll keep putting products in the box until it’s full! So make sure to follow the updates by entering to win at the end of this blog post and you will be the first to know about the products to go into the box.  Here’s a little hint all the products that are going in the box will be for a spa day in your own bathroom. Sign up below and share this post to increase your chances to win.

Haize – Cyclist’s Companion

Haize – Cyclist’s Companion

Navigation confidence with Haize

The cyclist’s companion has been the trusted compass for as long as I can remember, but as technology is at the heart of almost everything these days it came  as no surprise to learn about a new app for cyclists called Haize. Recently funded through Kickstarter, Haize is set to be in the market sometime in 2016 but what is it exactly and how does it work? Well, Haize acts like a compass, guides you like a compass but by using wearable technology to make it far more efficient and safer for urban cyclists.


Haize is the cyclist’s companion for the 21st century because it has reinvented the compass combining smartphone and GPS technology so you can find your destination safely whilst your mobile remains in your pocket. Made of anodised machined aluminium a reusable material it’s built to last so if you do take a tumble it should hold up well from wear and tear.  Once Haize is attached to your handlebars of your bicycle setting the app on your phone is quick and simple, the phone goes back in your pocket and the guided navigation will now appear on your handlebars through an LED display.  It will tell you where to go and how far away you are from your final destination by using two different types of navigation. The first  is the compass mode; it will allow you to get to your destination and discover things along the way. The second is the navigation mode; this will guide you through a specific route mapping out every turn necessary. All you have to do is keep peddling and glance at your cyclist’s companion to keep on track it’s just that simple. To find out more about when Haize hits the market visit their site here.

Found 3 Eco Friendly Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Found 3 Eco Friendly Black Friday Deals on Amazon

Music Lovers Starter Pack

First eco friendly black friday deal is the retro bluetooth radio by Wolverine is a music lover’s dream. A handmade wood cabinet looks like an old school radio but it has all the modern features and technology for all your devices. Compatible for playing music from your laptop, phone or ipod just sync your tablet and phone, plug in your laptop, and your music can be played outdoors or at your desk without all those ugly wires. Great for an office it will look unassuming sitting on a desk or work top. The Wolverine will not disappoint as a great gift or an addition to your own home. Prevously priced at $149.99 it’s now on sale for $79.99 a great eco friendly deal to be had if you ask me click here to see more on this



The second eco friendly black friday deal is the LSTN beechwood troubadour headphones with mic. I’ve written about these headphones before because this company wants to party with a purpose. Not only are these headphones designed by former musicians and production staff but part of the proceeds also goes to donating hearing aids through LSTN’s charity iniative on giving back.  Partnered with one of the largest hearing aid companies namely Starkey, a portion of this sale will go to giving someone the gift of hearing for the first time. The headphones have a rich sound (have a pair myself) and are beautifully made. Not only did I love the sound but the cord is wrapped in nylon making it very hard to stretch. I can report there has been no cord damage. Headphones are made from used wood from railway cars it also has an adjustable metal band and can work with Android, iPhone, Blackberry even CD’s (flash from the past) The DJ stats are as follows; Frequency response 18Hz – 22KHz, Sensitivity: 101+/-3dB At 1KHz1mW, R&L balance< < 3dB(50Hz-6KHz 1mW). Rated input power: 30mW, Maximum input power: 50mW, Cable: length 1.2m. It comes with a one year warranty and is now priced at $129.99. Click through to see more



Third and last eco friendly deal black friday deal is the bamboo wireless keyboard by Asus. Compatible with Windows/IOS and Android it’s extremely lightweight and has a built in stand for your phone or tablet (ever tried typing on a tablet…boo) making it easy to type, edit images using Adobe or create documents on the go. As you can see it has an imbedded slot to hold your mobile devices and you can connect up to four devices at a time allowing you to toggle between devices, now this would come in handy wouldn’t it? Previously priced at $59.95 now on sale for $44.95  Click through here. This post is dedicated to all my DJ friends who turn me on to wonderful artists, make me smile and bring a little sunshine to my day.

How Eco Friendly Is Your Christmas Party?

How Eco Friendly Is Your Christmas Party?

Photo by jurvetson

Christmas is a great time of year for those of us who like to enjoy themselves, however with all that eating and drinking can come a lot of waste if you are not careful. The once a year work Christmas do is a staple in most of our lives, however if you are charged with setting it up, you may wonder just how well you can make your plans fit with your green ideals. Here are some tips for having a good fun, yet still eco friendly Christmas event:

Hold it at Your Office

One of the biggest things that can make you worry that your party may be causing more waste and emissions than you’d like is not having full control. If you host your party at your own office, you can make sure that any catering and drinks are done in a green way and everything is recycled afterwards. Also, since you are already running your office in an energy efficient way, having lights on late into the evening will not make that much difference to your energy expenditure and you know you can avoid any wasted energy.

Have a Proper Bar

The drinks are one of the most important aspects of any Christmas party, but you can end up with a lot of waste if everyone is drinking cans or bottles and throwing their empties away. Have a proper bar service set up rather than having people be responsible for their own bottles and glasses, and you know that you’re getting drinks served in the least wasteful way, for example with beer being served from barrels rather than bottles, and that any empties are getting gathered up and recycled. This approach has the added benefit of giving you great bar staff who are also trained in making cocktails, rather than relying on your own attendees to serve drinks! Check out for mobile bars complete with bartenders that can be hired for events like Christmas parties.


Use Organic Food

Christmas is not necessarily about restraint and worrying about your health, so don’t think your guests will be happy with vegan dishes or healthy smoothies as your festive party food! However, you can still opt for eco friendly options. If you are serving traditional turkey, make sure you opt for turkey that has been farmed free range, and look for organic options for vegetables. If you are providing a buffet, look for things that are not overly processed, and choose high quality, ethically farmed items. If you want to serve crudités or other vegetables, go for things that are in season and locally sourced rather than things that have been flown in from other climes and have wasted energy getting here.

Having a guilt free Christmas party is easy if you plan ahead a little, so with these tips you can hold a memorable event where you know the food and drink you are all enjoying have not created too much waste.


5 Simple Ways to Fireproof Your Home

5 Simple Ways to Fireproof Your Home


 Fires are deadly. It only takes a few minutes for smoke and fumes to disable the occupants of a property when fire breaks out, which is why so many people are killed each year as a result of house fires. Fire also causes a huge amount of damage, even when the fire is relatively small. Thankfully there are lots of ways you can protect you and your family from the devastating effects of fire – and here’s how.

Install Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are the Number One fire preventative strategy. A smoke alarm will alert you if there is any smoke detected, even if you are fast asleep at the time, as the shrill beeping is very hard to ignore. Always have a smoke detector installed upstairs and downstairs and check out AOV Teal products for communal stairways. The best types of smoke detectors are wired into the mains electricity, but if you opt to buy a cheaper, battery powered device, make sure you check the battery regularly and replace if necessary.

Buy Fire-Safe Furniture

New furniture has to be fire-safety rated before it can be sold. Older furniture, specifically upholstered sofas and chairs, were not regulated in the same way and were therefore more likely to contain flammable materials. Check your existing furniture – there should be a label attached to say it does not contain flammable materials. If there isn’t one, or the item is old, replace immediately.

Check the Wiring

The majority of house fires are caused by electrical faults. Faulty small appliances and dodgy Christmas lights are responsible for many fires, but overloaded power outlets and worn electrical wiring are also at fault a lot of the time. If you live in an older property, have the wiring checked by a licensed electrician, and if there are sections of old, frayed wiring, or rodents have chewed through the cables in places, have the place re-wired to make it safe. You should also avoid overloading power outlets – use fused extension cable if you need more sockets.

candles photo

Beware of Candles

Candles may be romantic, but they are a common cause of house fires. The problem is that we light candles and then forget about them. If the candle is knocked over by your cat or a gust of wind blows a piece of paper over it, the room will be alight within a minute. Always extinguish candles when leaving the room and never place candles close to curtains or loose fabric

Keep a Fire Blanket in the Kitchen

Fires often start in the kitchen. Pans overheat, oil catches light and the grill is left on when the cook falls asleep on the sofa after a boozy night on the town. It won’t take much for a pan fire to seriously damage your kitchen, so keep a fire blanket close by so you can extinguish the flames safely if the worst does happen.

You can’t completely protect your home from fire, but you can minimise the risk using a combination of common sense and simple precautions.

Water Bottle Shaped Like A Book

Water Bottle Shaped Like A Book

This water bottle shaped like a book is probably one of the best products to launch this year. The Aquabook designed by Felix Durst and David Zeigler is an- easy-to-carry non-bulky water bottle. The bottle and the cap are available in five different colours, so you can choose a colour that suits your taste. Furthermore, this water bottle shaped like a book can be labelled with a picture, a name, or an inspirational quote by using an advanced UV digital printing technology for high-quality results.



Resusable Water Bottles

The Aquabook is made from  TRITAN® (Eastman Chemicals), a copolyester resin that is BPS and BPA free. This bottle cannot break down for digestion and that`s a good thing. Designed to reduce the global consumption of disposable water bottles it can be reused and recycled once the life of the bottle wears out. Because this water bottle is shaped like a book it isn`t bulky or awkward to carry. It can easily fit in a laptop bag, backpack, or handbag. It is also temperature resistant and shatterproof, so you can use it for hot or cold beverages. Carry your coffee or tea with you whatever you choose. Cleaning this freezer and dishwasher safe water bottle is very easy by using a specially designed aquabrush that reaches every corner and can be purchased separately. With every purchase you will receive four Aquabook cleaning tabs that are 100% sustainable and biodegradable so there is no fear of polluting the planet.



Giving Back

Each year more than one billion water bottles end up as waste endangering oceanic species and polluting water supplies. Not to mention there have been numerous reports of companies refilling water bottles with regular tap water for resale, so you may not be getting mineral water after all. With the Aquabook you`re getting a safer product you can reuse in the convenient size of a small notebook (thinkA5 format). Another wonderful fact about this water bottle shaped like a book is it will be packaged in eco-friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard.  It is shipped with a small package of tree seeds that act as CO2 compensation.  The company is raising funds on Kickstarter until tomorrow, so if you want to support this product going to market and get your own Aquabook stop by their campaign and pledge a little something. Let`s make wiser purchases that can last and save you money.

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