Positioning Statement? What Is That? Why Do I Need One?

Positioning Statement? What Is That? Why Do I Need One?

What is a positioning statement? A positioning statement tells the world what your magazine is about. It says you’ve launched in a particular market. Especially when it’s done correctly, a positioning statement is powerful.

I love to tell the story of how a positioning statement saved Nike from financial ruin. At the time Adidas was crushing Nike. Everyone wanted to wear Adidas. It was the coolest brand compared to Nike. Run DMC even wrote a song called My Adidas. It was the athletic shoe brand that everyone was keen to wear.

Meanwhile Nike was floundering. Rumours were floating about they were on the doorstep of bankruptcy until Just Do It became their mantra. Enlisting Michael Jordan as the face of a campaign for their Nike Air Shoe. Blasting off into the stratosphere, Nike surpassed Adidas crushing them on the way up the success ladder. And the rest was history.

What Is My Positioning Statement?

The point is a positioning statement when written correctly can elevate your brand to a whole new level. In order to stand apart from the rest a one sentence tagline tells the viewer who you are and what is your price point. Whether you wish to launch in a high, medium or lower priced market a positioning statement can make or break your introduction.

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It also works well when you’re speaking to people who want to know what your magazine is all about. If you can sum it up in one sentence you’re golden.

So how do I come up with one? It can be the easiest thing to do, or the hardest thing to do. If you have a vast vocabulary the more words you have in your arsenal the easier it will be. If you don’t the harder it will be. Fear not, the best linguists get stuck. The best thing to do is to spend an hour or two thinking deeply about where you wish to launch in the market.  

positioning statement

Where Do I Want To Launch?

Do you want to launch in the high end market, the mid-level market or low end market? All markets of these generate revenue. Don’t be fooled into thinking you must be in the high end market. Your target audience knows exactly how much they wish to spend.

What do I want my brand to say? Getting this right will secure your audience. Turning this into revenue and brand collaborations is easier to achieve. Brands know exactly what your magazine is about the moment they view it.

Then let it go. Don’t think about it anymore. Do your everyday things. Make sure you have access to a pen and paper because it can come at anytime. Or download a dictation app. I use the app called Recorder. It comes with ads that can be ignored.

You want your positioning statement to be a short sentence not a lengthy diatribe. The shorter the better. Aim for 10 words or less. My positioning statement on my landing page is six words. it says exactly what my site is about. It says exactly where I am in the market place also. Create a timeless positioning statement.  This can take a few take a few attempts. Don’t get discouraged.  I used a formula to create my positioning statement.  You can download my formula on how to do this. It will make it a lot easier. It totally worked for me and I know it will work for you too! Let me know how you got on by leaving a comment below.

6 Niche Market Magazine Ideas You Can Launch Today! #diynichemagazine

6 Niche Market Magazine Ideas You Can Launch Today! #diynichemagazine

It dawned on me that niche market magazines still have a strong place on the web. I have seen incredible opportunities through my own magazine. If you do this right you will attract large companies. Some emails I’ve received from companies like Knoll furniture, and The British Museum asked me to collaborate or review a product. I’ve curated a private collection of clothing for auction two years in a row. This offline gig is like a gift that keeps giving because I get referred from the last curation. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider the types of paid collaborations that find me but they do, You can do the same, check out the list of ideas for a niche market magazine below.

Is This A Niche Market?

Crohn’s Disease is more common thank you think. It’s surprising to know children fall victim to it. The numbers are increasing yearly and there really should be a magazine about the Crohn’s lifestyle. This was not on my radar until I met someone at a party who looked the picture of health. She had Crohn’s Disease. But unlike many people who I’ve met with Crohn’s this woman decided to take matters into her own hands. Successfully controlling the disease with diet. It marveled me because most people I have seen with Crohn’s looked ill. Their hair and skin were dull, lifeless. This woman at the party was radiant and glowing. This has the potential to be a successful magazine that is under-represented.

Digital Celebrity Is a thing now. I no longer watch mainstream television. Canceling my cable for online subscriptions was a money saving gift.  I am an avid watcher of Youtube. There are great high-quality channels started by ordinary people who have created remarkable success. Don’t get me wrong there’s also a lot of mediocrity trying to get your attention too. This idea could make an interesting magazine. People loved to be interviewed. They love to share their stories. This idea has endless possibilities. If you can do it well, this niche market publication is a sleeper hit. Digital millionaires are rapidly increasing. They are a number of television shows that got their start from Youtube.

Plus Size is still a growing market that has not peaked yet. Unlike blogs/magazines about cooking, blogging, etc. The plus-size market accounts for a growing revenue of 17 billion dollars. The average dress size on the Nth. American continent is a 12-14. This is a considered a plus size. Retailers are scrambling to find a way to tap into this market. Creating a plus size tribe will attract advertisers that you can pick from. Shoppers aren’t prepared to settle for large smocks anymore. Plus size girls want to look cute. Designers who already cater to the plus size market; Oscar de la Renta, Dana Buchman, Donna Karan, Anne Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger. Retailers Marina Rinaldi, and Lane Bryant secured their companies as authorities for plus size clothes a long time ago. Find affordable quality for the plus size market, wrap it in a lifestyle magazine and you’ve got a winner. I have yet to see this done well.

niche market

Find A Hole In A Niche Market

Autism is a highly underserved niche market. Parents huddle in forums looking for answers and support. They’re hoping to gain as much knowledge as possible. The problem is they have to look in a variety of places. Are you a parent with an Autistic child, a child with Asperger’s syndrome, or a child on the Autistic spectrum? Have you managed to parent successfully? Are there tips and tricks you’ve mastered over the years? Do you have an arsenal of resources bookmarked?  This could be your area to launch a digital magazine.  Check out the competition, see how you can create a magazine with a different point of view. No one has really tackled this area well in my opinion. Can you lend a different voice to Autism? Speaking from a parent’s angle, wrapped in a lifestyle magazine that’s positive and hopeful is the way to do it.

Create Highly Identifiable Content

Reality TV is an idea that came to me when a friend and I were discussing Real Housewives of New York. I admit I watch a couple of RHO franchise. I can’t tell you why. It’s like watching a car crash. You know you should look away but you’re riveted with curiosity. My point is this is a great magazine to launch if you’re the type that lives for Reality TV. You know all the players and keep up with the latest news. All your friends ring you up to find out what they missed on their favourite reality TV program.  You’re an avid follower of reality stars in their off time. This magazine is an easy one for you. You have to love popular culture. You study it and follow it like a mantra. This area has heaps of potential.

Speciality Diet food blogs can still be successful. Food blogs are an over saturated market. But where it appears to still show signs of growth is specialty diets.  A well done Vegan Keto, Paleo, and/or Gluten-Free blog makes money. I don’t tend to have any dietary issues that plague me. Every once in awhile I eat like a vegan to give my system a rest. I also eat gluten-free occasionally because I really like some of the brands. I’m not a representative of this market, but this market is also reaching me, along with their unique customer. Do you cook? Do you like to experiment? Not all vegan recipes taste great. I once had a gluten-free cupcake that was bloody awful. You have great delicious recipes in a specialty area. Share them with the world, please!!

Do any of these niche market magazine ideas appeal to you? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to follow along when you launch. I’m hoping this list gets your creative juices flowing to think about really specializing your content. Join my 7-day free course to get you started. I’ll guide you the rest of the way to success.

How To build An Empire With Digital Magazines

How To build An Empire With Digital Magazines

Digital magazines will never take the place of print magazines. But they are cheaper to produce than print. They act as a marketing tool for your talents. Collaborations with brands, invitations to conferences, advertising, free products are some of the perks. So how do you build your digital empire?

Digital Magazines Require Strong Content

Before you publish anything planning out your content is paramount. I spent six months planning every issue before THINKmag made it’s debut. Knowing exactly what each issue was going to contain and how it was going to look saved a lot of time. Plan your front covers and back covers for the year. You must create consistency immediately. Taking the time to workout your content allows you to get a clear picture of your magazine. How many sections would you like to have in your magazine? Name all your sections. I put them all on post-its so I could move them around to see how the magazine flowed. Do the same thing. Find out what you’re missing now and what you do not need. Do you want a free editorial calendar? You can find it here.

Organise Your Contributors

Line up all your contributors now. More is more. Find as many writers for your digital magazine as possible. You want to end up with more content than less. You can always bank articles for future publications. Here is an article with some ideas on finding writers for digital magazines. Do create a submission guidelines document in Google docs. You can share this document after a contributor agrees to write for your magazine. Contributors can be fickle. Make sure they know the rules for submissions. Give a false deadline that’s earlier than you require. You don’t want to get stuck waiting for articles to come in. You want all your content in earlier than needed for layout. Find writers that have a voice similar to yours. Having different points of view in a few subjects makes a well rounded magazine.

build an empire digital magazines

Flip Through Or Blog Format

Creating a flip through magazine alllows you the option of full page images. But if you decide on a magazine layout that’s a blog format make sure to have large images to get a similar feel. You want the images to be engaging. Do not post small images, they are unattractive to the viewer. You don’t want them to slow your site down either. Make sure to compress images to a smaller file size without losing the quality. I would suggest no more than 700 pixels x 700 pixels for images in a blog format. Be consistent with image size on a blog it makes your article look more like a magazine.

Decide how many times you want to publish your magazine per year. A monthly magazine might be too much to take on straight away. Start small and build up. Always build up not down. Digital magazines can be published bimonthly or quarterly. Whatever feels comfortable for you to manage is the best choice. You will need a publishing schedule to stay consistent. If your magazine publishes on the first of the month, make sure to stick to this schedule. Viewers like consistency. You need the consistency for yourself and your contributors.

Did you register your domain and secure hosting yet? You can host your site for $3.95/mth here.  Create a free splash page with this site. It will act as a placeholder and you can start collecting subscribers for your launch.

How Can I Find Writers For My Digital Magazine?

How Can I Find Writers For My Digital Magazine?

 Image: Lauren Mancke

How to find writers for your digital magazine is one of the top five most important things you should do. You can create a magazine on your own, but it will have your voice throughout. You want to have a variety of voices in your magazine in the same direction as your magazine. It is important to decide the tone of your magazine early on. What is your point of view? What is your magazine’s point of view? Do this now before you start to find writers.

Find Writers In Forums

If you are active in forums, this is a great place to start. Forums in your niche already have people who are writing and may consider contributing to a digital magazine. Let’s take fitness as an example niche market. There are fitness forums and groups online where people contribute their point of view. If you don’t belong to any online groups, now is the time to start. Don’t join in seeking out writers, genuinely contribute and build relationships. These are people that you may have to manage one day. You want to have a good rapport going forward. Managing a team of people comes with a host of daily challenges.

Guest Post

Working out a trade with another writer’s site is a great way to gain contributors. Both of you gain content. Ask to contribute on their site in exchange for an article in your digital magazine. Agree to a word count that’s suitable for both parties. Both of you gain valuable backlinks. If you can work out a regular contributor schedule that benefits both of you even better. Be careful of this one, however, I’ve had people go back on their word after they got one thing from me. Be clear of your guidelines and agreements.

find writers

Find Writers (Paid)

Decide if you wish to find writers whom you will pay early on. It’s always wonderful if writers want to contribute for free. Writers must write in order to keep their skill sharp. Remember you get what you pay for. Sometimes just paying for writers is the easier option. I have used Fiverr to find good writers. I would suggest finding someone in your network who has used writers from Fiverr first. You can ask me who I used and why. Ask to see samples of their work. You want to determine if this is the right voice for your digital magazine. Can they capture the tone of your magazine? It’s very important to establish continuity. Don’t take just anyone. Your magazine will reflect that.

Friends & Family

Tap into your personal network. Tell everyone you know you’re starting a digital magazine and you’re looking for contributors. You will find at least one person through your own personal network. That person may introduce you to another. It worked like that for me. Make a list of all the people you want to email or speak with. Spend a day sending out your inquiries, then sit back. Make your inquiry short and casual. Don’t forget to mention your niche. You desire qualified responses. You want to spend your time wisely so you can create your dream team.

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Becoming A Fashion Designer

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Becoming A Fashion Designer

Becoming a fashion designer isn’t the easiest profession a person can choose. The market is over saturated, extremely competitive with a high failure rate. You have to really love it because it will test you. But there are things you can avoid to make your journey to success a lot easier. Follow these six steps to save you time and money as you create your very own fashion empire.


Fabric Debt

This may not be what you want to hear, but do not go mad buying fabric. I know it excites you. Producing a collection when you don’t have customers is just, well, stupid. You want to see your designs come to life but this is a business. You’re in business to sell and make money doing what you love. Please keep that in mind. You’re a new designer going into the market, think and grow. Buying fabric should be viewed as an investment when becoming a fashion designer. Fabric is a tool that you will use, just like cutting shears or tailor chalk. Don’t look at it as a toy you’re about to play with. Buy fabric for samples only. Do not produce more garments until you have orders lined up.

Runway Seduction

I worked with a designer who was besotted with having a runway show. If you don’t reside in one of the major fashion markets, it’s a waste of time. There are cities that have fashion shows for entertainment. Buyers are not sitting in these front rows, therefore what are you having a fashion show for? You must focus on the business side of fashion if you wish to succeed. Do not spend unnecessary money producing a fashion show that will not yield orders. If you want to have a presentation, do that. Better yet have a video presentation, stream it live and invite a list of buyers, bloggers, and friends to view it. Build intrigue. Buyers will want a closer look if they’re interested.

Niche Market

Do you remember when Juicy Couture came on the market? All they sold were velvet track suits in the beginning. They became the go-to brand for women’s track suits. Everyone wanted one including me. I didn’t even like track suits, but the thought of being wrapped in velvet comfort was so alluring that I yearned to own a velvet track suit. They launched into the market at a high price point for a track suit and women bought them like crazy. Juicy Couture became a cultural phenomenon. Today Juicy Couture is now a full-service brand selling everything from dresses to shoes. My point is launching in a niche market doesn’t mean you have to stay there. What it does mean is guaranteeing a revenue stream that will allow you to expand. Do not discount the power of launching a small niche collection.

Web Presence

Setting up your website immediately is necessary. You can build momentum for launching a line. First, pick your fonts and colours. Don’t take this lightly, this will be your brand identity for years, choose wisely. If you don’t have the ability or care to learn about this, I would suggest hiring a brand expert to create an identity for you. Invest when it’s necessary. You shouldn’t have to do it all. Choose a brand expert by networking within your tribe. Start a blog. Blogging will keep your viewer engaged and it will keep them coming back to your site. Convert viewers into customers. Have a box in your sidebar or a pop-up box for your collection. Your collection doesn’t have to be complete. Blogging keeps your customers updated with your progress.

Becoming A Fashion Designer

The fashion industry is smaller than you may think. It has become even smaller with the internet, so stay humble. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated.  You need people to realise your dreams. When becoming a fashion designer you will work with other people. If you’re not a people person you haven’t any business getting involved in the fashion industry. You will work with sewers, stylists, photographers, public relations experts and accountants.This is a people driven business. Word travels fast when you’re not a decent person. It can hinder your progress. Getting your work seen is the goal. Everyone talks all the time. A general rule of thumb is to treat others the way you wish to be treated.

An Average Collection

Becoming a fashion designer isn’t glamourous at all. It isn’t all ball gowns and couture. Do not get seduced by the spectacular displays of craftsmanship on the major runways. Those collections are designed for a very small group of people who have incredible wealth. Concentrate on selling to the average woman. One of the most successful designers I ever met, designed for the average woman. He drove a hummer, lived in a beautiful home and designed for the average woman. This is still an underserved market.  The average woman will need clothes for her career, or special occasions. Cater to their needs and you will be financially successful. Make them look beautiful by designing great clothes made from ethical fabric.

How to Maximize Your Time By Doing Less

How to Maximize Your Time By Doing Less

How to maximize your time by doing less sounds like a dream doesn’t it? When you first start listing out how much there is to creating an online magazine, the punch list is very long. By talking about how busy you are and trying to do all things at once will only overwhelm you. I know, because I hear this all the time from so many fellow business owners who are running around with their heads cut off. Their cries of being busy, their heightened anxiety, and their lack of listing accomplishments tells me one thing. They’re not getting anything done.

What they’re busy doing is creating a mountain of tasks and getting stressed. Online businesses can flourish and yield a wonderful income if you are willing to work at it. It is the future where people can create a side income that generates revenue 24hrs per day. But the big trick here is to get organised and focused. Getting into this habit for some can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Content is king after all. but creating content just for sake of it is silly.

doing less


Spend your time doing less to achieve more is far easier than you think.  If your goal this week is to write 4 blog posts, increase your Instagram followers, and write a newsletter series. Choose which one you want to concentrate on that day. If you want to batch write your blog posts schedule them to publish on specific days using co-schedule or WordPress. I also use a free plug-in called WordPress Editorial Calendar. You can drag and drop all your posts into the calendar to see what your editorial schedule looks like for the week. Editorial calendars can put you on the road to doing less because they organise your thoughts before you commit to publish anything. You want to create a strong theme on your site that tells your viewer exactly where you are in the marketplace.

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