Image by James Dow

Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcon is no stranger to statement making versatility, so it didn’t come as a surprise when she chose Patkau architects  a firm based in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada to create dressing rooms for the Dover Street Market, Tokyo location.  Having found Patkau’s ice skating cocoons she was intrigued to desire the same but in stainless steel for Dover Street Market, Ginza. It would embody all the things that Japanese love; good design with a bit of humour that was incredibly stylish and efficient.



Image by James Dow

Using thin stainless steel the changing enclosures have been made to appear seamless with a lit floor and a transculent white door, which allows for the internal cavity to be illuminated. Patkau architects created an entirely different feeling with steel as it was treated like clothing from the onset. The cocoons by Patkau architects look like an art installation at first, but on closer inspection you can see it’s intention; to be uber chic changing pods once you step inside. They seemed to make a perfect match for a shopping experience created by Rei Kawakubo .  It seems Patkau is gaining a reputation for creating these little cocoons that can take on many uses. Each Dover Street Market location is curated by Rei Kawakubo each one different from the next, it’s quite possible these changing cocoons by Patkau architects will only be seen if you visit Japan. I wonder where these cocoons will pop up next?

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