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An independent magazine seems like a lot of work, doesn’t it? If you answered yes then you’re right it is a lot of work, but if you love publishing and you’re passionate about a particular subject then you might want to turn your passion into a lucrative stream of income. Publishing has always been fun for me, and if you feel the same but you’re not sure how to start then read on my friend. I’ve decided to open a vault of information because I really want people to create their own passive income to save for your first home, go on holidays, or go to school or whatever you’d like a little extra money for. The world seems so uncertain at the money, just the other day another friend told me that she lost her job. So why wait for money to come to you when you can control your destiny right?

The online market has some new rules if you wish to attract traffic to your business, and knowing what they are can make your work far easier.  If you’re creating a blog in a niche topic starting a magazine that lives on your site and build multiple streams of traffic that will stay on your site is the only way to go. After all, you’re doing all the work, why should you give the rewards to another site? Partnering with other sites whereby both parties gain from it is something different altogether, but when websites want to take your content and publish it elsewhere without creating a shared beneficial relationship you must draw the line.  DONT DO IT.

Magazine Schedule

How do you begin to launch a niche magazine? It really isn’t that difficult if you are willing to take some time to organise your time and tasks in a way that serves you. Creating your own visual style for your niche magazine can be a bit tricky in the beginning but it’s necessary to stand out in a sea of magazines online. The good thing about starting a magazine as a blog is you will get to test out your colors and fonts to see what fits and what doesn’t. It’s always best to make mistakes when you’re in beta than to commit to things that translate as mediocre.

Make sure your blog is mobile friendly, the largest growing traffic is still mobility. Mobile traffic is slated to grow next year with more than 2 billion mobile users worldwide. That’s a lot of people and if you’re able to reach just a small fraction of your target audience you will create an income

Why would anyone want to read your magazine? Show you are a tastemaker in your chosen topic and they will want to read your magazine because there will be value in it for them. Create content that can help people live better or do something better will always gain an audience.  Finding out what people like and dislike will help to clarify your editorial content. I’ve created a seven-day course that will put you on track to creating a magazine not a blog in just a few months. It’s not as difficult as you think if you have a plan right? Sign up for it here and you’ll get your first lesson with a task every day for seven days.

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