Cute Circuit’s celebrity following sees the latest with Nicole Scherzinger wearing the first ever Twitter Dress at Britain’s new 4G network EE launch party at Battersea Power Station in London. Using the finest french chiffon, the floor length dress was designed with 3000 triangular hematite Swarovski crystals and 2000 tiny LED lights to harness the power of twitter. Each scrolling tweet that appeared on the twitter dress  promoted the new 4G network using the hashtag #tweethedress @ EE. Interacting at a company launch has to be the cleverest marketing campaign I have seen in a long time and I expect this trend to grow as social media continues to grow yearly.  The twitter dress became the star by default on the red carpet. Everyone who tweeted  was able to see their messages appear on the twitter dress.  Cute Circuit continues to be a front-runner in the smart clothing race.To read more about wearable technology’s growing  presence click here.

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