Ethical Shoe brand Guava will feature in the upcoming runway retrospective for Gianni Versace on 30th January 2018. The runway show will present historical pieces from the Gianni years as well as pieces from private collections from Italy and around the world.

Gianni Versace was known for bold colours & happy prints, wrapped in Italian decadence. He designed clothes for women who were sexy or wanted to be sexy.

Highlights of the show will include pieces worn by Madonna, Sir Elton John, Anna Wintour. Collectors and fashion enthusiasts will gather at the Kronprinzenpalais, Berlin 30th January -13th April 2018.

A spectacular presentation of Gianni Versace’s iconic pieces will showcase his love for pop art and his time as a designer for Byblos.

Versace’s aesthetic always featured daring cuts, movement, and a riot of prints. Ethical shoe brand Guava was the perfect choice for this collection because of their signature geometric heels, elegance, and boldness.

Ethical Shoe Brand Rises

“I found Guava DNA very suitable. Guava’s popping colours and models are the perfect match to the outfits.”  – Saskia Lubnow, Gianni Versace Retrospective Organiser.

Strong confident self-assured women wear Gianni Versace. They also wear Guava shoes.

“it’s an inestimable honor to be featured in this exceptional exhibition honoring Gianni Versace, who always been a source of inspiration for me.” – Ines Caleiro

Guava shoe designer Ines Caleiro started her shoe company as an ethical brand. Choosing to use vegetable dyed leathers and upcycled rubber. The Guava shoe girl is a strong woman. She loves statement-making shoes. Model turned actress, Amber Valetta is a fan. End of story.

ethical shoe brand

“At Guava our purpose is to inspire women to love and celebrate life and to empower them to be who they are, for what they are. so it is an honor to be part of the same philosophy and women empowering principles that Gianni has had for all his life.” – Ines Caleiro

Gianni Versace started as a humble designer learning the craft from his mother. He created an empire from one small shop. Ines Caleiro started her accessories business as a humble designer in Portugal 7 years ago.

This collaboration could be a sign of what the future holds for Guava.

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