Where to buy Ethical Accessories

The ethical accessories guide came from viewers asking me where to buy a lot of the products that have been shown in THINKmag. The eco-friendly market is still a new and steadily increasing market and finding a lot of what is out there can feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. To date, I get approached by companies some great some mediocre and some really bad that all want to get promoted on the site or in THINKmag.

But the truth of the matter is just because they’re ethical or eco-friendly isn’t enough to make get published on this site.  Giving good value and quality for the money is at the forefront of what we love best here at THINKmag.The accessories market continues to be a market that shows signs of holding steady in this economy. It seems to be a purchase that most people can afford. A little bit of luxury for a minimal investment. That is why I decided to create the first ethical accessories guide for the shopping season.

This guide will educate you on the featured brands This is why I decided to create the first ethical accessories guide that will help you in knowing what is out there to buy. The ethical accessories guide will help you to see the growing choices for beautiful well-crafted shoes, bags, and jewellery that look far from homemade or well terrible in some cases. Enjoy the ethical accessories guide and use it to find gifts or shopping for yourself.

ethical accessories guide

Affordable Luxury

Let’s face it, with the economy being what it is, finding value for your hard earned money is at the top of everyone’s list these days, spending money on accessories that are going to turn colour or break in a couple of months isn’t considered a good purchase. Investing in pieces for yourself or to give as a gift will last a lot longer. Keep it to hand down or trade it at a swap party or even resell if you desire. The idea is to invest in better purchases that will give you a longer return for your money. Ethical accessories are not only made well, but these

Ethical accessories are not only made well, but these jewellers are making smaller batches which means you probably won’t see your purchase on many people. Jewellers are also reusing their materials when possible, it saves them money in turn they can pass on the savings to the customer by setting reasonable prices. With the holidays fast approaching who doesn’t love accessories, they’re easy to wear fit everyone and to be honest you can’t have enough bags, shoes nor jewellery right?

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