Falling in love with the world’s smallest camera sounds silly right? If you’re a blogger or an adventure junkie this could be the answer to creating some of your social media content on the fly. The Pogocam is the length of three-quarters so it’s really tiny. It can shoot 2 minutes of video, and a maximum of 100 photos. It doesn’t have any wireless technology and it’s only 5MP. But what it lacks in technical goodies, it makes up for in size. It can easily clip onto your glasses.The company Pogotec is working with glass manufacturers to include a magnetic strip called the Pogotrack. You may see glasses with a magnetic strip for sale in the future when this company floods the market.

Expect to use the world’s smallest camera when you want to be discreet. Because of its diminutive size, it can go unnoticed. So it’s perfect for getting those exclusive shots at trade shows, or conferences that may not be readily available. I love capturing natural images of people, but when a camera appears, people can act a bit stiff.  Getting close up shots with this little treasure is a no brainer. Just clip on, turn on and you’re ready to record or photograph.

world's smallest camera

Tiny Camera

“Eyeglasses are arguably the world’s oldest, most successful wearable technology,” says Richard Clompus, VP of Communications and Consumer Interaction for Pogotec. “Pogocam upgrades this wearable platform with the ability to capture visual memories without the intrusion of holding a camera or looking through the screen.”

The world’s smallest camera should be on the market in March 2017. Just in time for the summer.  However, it won’t be as expensive as Google Glass or Snapchat Spectacles. Rumour has it the price will be $130, but when they launch it’s best to check back with the company for price and shipping details.

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