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How to find writers for your digital magazine is one of the top five most important things you should do. You can create a magazine on your own, but it will have your voice throughout. You want to have a variety of voices in your magazine in the same direction as your magazine. It is important to decide the tone of your magazine early on. What is your point of view? What is your magazine’s point of view? Do this now before you start to find writers.

Find Writers In Forums

If you are active in forums, this is a great place to start. Forums in your niche already have people who are writing and may consider contributing to a digital magazine. Let’s take fitness as an example niche market. There are fitness forums and groups online where people contribute their point of view. If you don’t belong to any online groups, now is the time to start. Don’t join in seeking out writers, genuinely contribute and build relationships. These are people that you may have to manage one day. You want to have a good rapport going forward. Managing a team of people comes with a host of daily challenges.

Guest Post

Working out a trade with another writer’s site is a great way to gain contributors. Both of you gain content. Ask to contribute on their site in exchange for an article in your digital magazine. Agree to a word count that’s suitable for both parties. Both of you gain valuable backlinks. If you can work out a regular contributor schedule that benefits both of you even better. Be careful of this one, however, I’ve had people go back on their word after they got one thing from me. Be clear of your guidelines and agreements.

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Find Writers (Paid)

Decide if you wish to find writers whom you will pay early on. It’s always wonderful if writers want to contribute for free. Writers must write in order to keep their skill sharp. Remember you get what you pay for. Sometimes just paying for writers is the easier option. I have used Fiverr to find good writers. I would suggest finding someone in your network who has used writers from Fiverr first. You can ask me who I used and why. Ask to see samples of their work. You want to determine if this is the right voice for your digital magazine. Can they capture the tone of your magazine? It’s very important to establish continuity. Don’t take just anyone. Your magazine will reflect that.

Friends & Family

Tap into your personal network. Tell everyone you know you’re starting a digital magazine and you’re looking for contributors. You will find at least one person through your own personal network. That person may introduce you to another. It worked like that for me. Make a list of all the people you want to email or speak with. Spend a day sending out your inquiries, then sit back. Make your inquiry short and casual. Don’t forget to mention your niche. You desire qualified responses. You want to spend your time wisely so you can create your dream team.

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