Do you ever wish that you could feel inspired in your own home? Do you long for you home to feel like you? What if I told you there was a simple way to accomplish this? You can invest in artwork for your home. Art truly has the power to transform lives. Art continues to inspire, educate, and lift our spirits. It gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand our world. It has the ability to connect with our thoughts, feelings, our outer realities, and perceptions.

Investing and interacting with artwork, allows you to gain perspective. You are reminded what’s truly important in life. The beautiful part is each piece that you purchase becomes a lovely investment that will be worth more over time. Some paintings may cost $1,000 and others are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. As an artist who’s been creating and purchasing art these past six years, I have learned how art can be an investment that transforms lives every day. I believe you should surround yourself with art on a daily basis.

Art Enhances Our Daily Lives

Did you know that people who surround themselves with art tend to be more fulfilled in their lives? According to News in Health, scientists are discovering the arts can improve both our mental and physical health. They say the arts can help reduce stress, anxiety, and improve our well-being. When we surround ourselves with art, we are more likely to be inspired and motivated in our homes or work spaces. Art adds more creativity, satisfaction, and happiness in our lives.

It allows us to appreciate what we have experienced. It has the ability to awaken the creativity in each of us. According to Dr. Shelley Carson, Ph.D., art has the ability to improve our mood. It broadens our attention and allows us to see further possible solutions to creative problems. I personally love to surround myself with some form of art, it constantly inspires me to be productive and create new work.

Art causes us to have an appreciation and gratification for everything that we have in our lives. Art gives us the ability to appreciate certain spaces and allows us to value and understand our world and the different circumstances involved in the human experience. When we live from a standpoint of appreciation and gratitude, we tend to be happier. We are able to view all the wonderful aspects that are going well in our lives versus what we don’t have at this moment. This allows us to have a positive outlook on life, which therefore makes us happier and healthier as people. It is an important reason why we should invest in artwork for your home because don’t we all want to feel inspired and satisfied in our living spaces.

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Art Emphasizes Your Home’s Individuality

Decorating with art shows off your personality and emphasizes your individuality. According to graphic designer Lesli Walsh, our homes reveal our personalities based on the artwork we choose to display. Paintings can define your taste, your sense of style, and how you want to make people feel once they enter your home. We as people connect with specific pieces based on our life experiences. Art allows us to look within, listen to ourselves, and realize who we are and what we stand for. We as humans need to express ourselves through art and surround ourselves with the expression of others.

When you invest in a work of art, you are investing in a visual story that you’re putting on your walls. Each work of art has a life and a presence of its own. Art has a story behind it or within it since nothing is ever created in a vacuum. Ideas, stories, and experiences will decorate your home and have a presence in your living and working spaces. Your interpretation of these stories reflects who you are as a person, what you care about, and what you believe in. Decorate your walls with art you care about, it will not take long for that space to feel like your beautiful new home.

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What If I Can’t Afford An Original Painting?

Today, it is easier to incorporate art into your life. The beautiful thing is you don’t need a huge budget to buy artwork. A larger budget allows for more possibilities but anyone can invest in artwork. It is possible to purchase high-quality giclee prints of original paintings on paper, canvas, and metal at a fraction of the cost of the original work. Discover a selection of prints that would suit your budget and your lifestyle in my free Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Print. Check out my selection of available paintings and prints so you can start creating an inspiring, stress-free space within your home.  Do you need help choosing the perfect print?

TEXT: Samantha Kaplan is a New York based abstract landscape painter who creates paintings and drawings that celebrate life and forces that exist on this planet. 

Her collectors have said her work has added a sense of serenity to their living space and have taken their minds to a fantasy place they only thought existed in their dreams. 

She loves to inspire people to follow their purpose in life so they make a positive difference in this world. She is an environmental supporter, a wellness advocate, and a dark chocolate lover. 🙂  You can view and purchase her art at and download her free Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Print. 

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