Digital magazines will never take the place of print magazines. But they are cheaper to produce than print. They act as a marketing tool for your talents. Collaborations with brands, invitations to conferences, advertising, free products are some of the perks. So how do you build your digital empire?

Digital Magazines Require Strong Content

Before you publish anything planning out your content is paramount. I spent six months planning every issue before THINKmag made it’s debut. Knowing exactly what each issue was going to contain and how it was going to look saved a lot of time. Plan your front covers and back covers for the year. You must create consistency immediately. Taking the time to workout your content allows you to get a clear picture of your magazine. How many sections would you like to have in your magazine? Name all your sections. I put them all on post-its so I could move them around to see how the magazine flowed. Do the same thing. Find out what you’re missing now and what you do not need. Do you want a free editorial calendar? You can find it here.

Organise Your Contributors

Line up all your contributors now. More is more. Find as many writers for your digital magazine as possible. You want to end up with more content than less. You can always bank articles for future publications. Here is an article with some ideas on finding writers for digital magazines. Do create a submission guidelines document in Google docs. You can share this document after a contributor agrees to write for your magazine. Contributors can be fickle. Make sure they know the rules for submissions. Give a false deadline that’s earlier than you require. You don’t want to get stuck waiting for articles to come in. You want all your content in earlier than needed for layout. Find writers that have a voice similar to yours. Having different points of view in a few subjects makes a well rounded magazine.

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Flip Through Or Blog Format

Creating a flip through magazine alllows you the option of full page images. But if you decide on a magazine layout that’s a blog format make sure to have large images to get a similar feel. You want the images to be engaging. Do not post small images, they are unattractive to the viewer. You don’t want them to slow your site down either. Make sure to compress images to a smaller file size without losing the quality. I would suggest no more than 700 pixels x 700 pixels for images in a blog format. Be consistent with image size on a blog it makes your article look more like a magazine.

Decide how many times you want to publish your magazine per year. A monthly magazine might be too much to take on straight away. Start small and build up. Always build up not down. Digital magazines can be published bimonthly or quarterly. Whatever feels comfortable for you to manage is the best choice. You will need a publishing schedule to stay consistent. If your magazine publishes on the first of the month, make sure to stick to this schedule. Viewers like consistency. You need the consistency for yourself and your contributors.

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