How to maximize your time by doing less sounds like a dream doesn’t it? When you first start listing out how much there is to creating an online magazine, the punch list is very long. By talking about how busy you are and trying to do all things at once will only overwhelm you. I know, because I hear this all the time from so many fellow business owners who are running around with their heads cut off. Their cries of being busy, their heightened anxiety, and their lack of listing accomplishments tells me one thing. They’re not getting anything done.

What they’re busy doing is creating a mountain of tasks and getting stressed. Online businesses can flourish and yield a wonderful income if you are willing to work at it. It is the future where people can create a side income that generates revenue 24hrs per day. But the big trick here is to get organised and focused. Getting into this habit for some can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Content is king after all. but creating content just for sake of it is silly.

doing less


Spend your time doing less to achieve more is far easier than you think.  If your goal this week is to write 4 blog posts, increase your Instagram followers, and write a newsletter series. Choose which one you want to concentrate on that day. If you want to batch write your blog posts schedule them to publish on specific days using co-schedule or WordPress. I also use a free plug-in called WordPress Editorial Calendar. You can drag and drop all your posts into the calendar to see what your editorial schedule looks like for the week. Editorial calendars can put you on the road to doing less because they organise your thoughts before you commit to publish anything. You want to create a strong theme on your site that tells your viewer exactly where you are in the marketplace.

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