Toxic Jewellery is a silent killer and you wouldn’t know it would you? Retailers such as Aldo, Ardene and Forever 21 have used unsafe levels of cadmium in their jewellery. Cadmium is known as a carcinogenic substance when absorbed into the body. It can cause bone loss, kidney failure, and other issues over time. Sucking or chewing on jewellery made from cadmium allows it to seep into the body over time. Babies who love to put things in their mouths are at risk here. The price to pay for a cheap pair of earrings or a necklace is far too high.

Toxic Jewellery Is The New Lead

Why are retail chains using this material? Because it’s cheaper than lead, it takes less energy to melt, therefore lessening the cost of energy used. This is an attractive quality to manufacturers. When lead was banned, retailers and turned to cadmium. Although cadmium is banned in Europe no such ban has been placed on cadmium on the Nth.American continent. Canada is now working to get this metal banned. And Aldo did issue a statement they will discontinue the production of toxic jewllery. But whether this happens remains to be seen. Ardene declined to comment.

Jewelry Starting at $20

Buy Quality

The solution is simple really. If anything is that cheap, chances are it’s made cheaply as well. Buying quality pieces last a lot longer You don’t have to break the bank to buy well. Investing in brass gold plated jewllery isn’t expensive. Silver is still reasonably priced. It might be worth investing in, the price on the stock market is increasing. Gold can still be purchased at a great price especially at auction. Look for estate sales, they can help you build a collection that you will cherish forever. If not online retailer Bauble Bar has beautiful on-trend pieces at great prices.I can personally say my pieces have lasted a few years and they’re still going strong. As far as I know they are not using cadmium in their products. Do you want to know where to buy ethical accessories? Download the guide below.

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