How to market your magazine online for free sounds too good to be true right? Well it isn’t. Once you’ve produced your issue you need to get it out there. Just having it online isn’t enough. Sending out your content to various sites can help to bring traffic and it’s something you need to do constantly in order to raise your site’s profile. So without hesitation is a list of sites you should be using.


Create a page for your magazine immediately. Don’t wait before you have something to publish do it now. I tend to aggregate and re-publish posts on my Facebook page. I give updates about my business, I let my followers know what’s happening with the future of the magazine. Creating intimacy with your audience so they care about your magazine takes time. But it’s not impossible. Decide how often you’re going to post and what you’re going to post. Stick to a schedule, so your viewers know what type of posts to expect on certain days. Interactive comments in real time seem to have worked well for driving traffic


Twitter is also a great resource to market your magazine for free. Unlike Facebook you only have 140 characters to get your message out there. So you better make it count. Using hashtags to index your tweet is easy enough, I would suggest using a couple of hashtags at one time. Don’t over stuff your hashtags, it may be yielded some traffic once upon a time. But that has all changed. People will respond to quality over quantity. Tweet your posts multiple times during the week by changing the wording a little. Again, use common sense, don’t tweet the same post twice in one day. Try to space it out a little that way you can still market your magazine with integrity.


I got turned on to this new blogging platform by a fellow publisher. It is a fast-growing blogging community where you can promote your content. Earn money on your first post is easy to achieve. You don’t make a lot, but it’s still something and it exposes your content to a growing audience. There are a lot of categories to choose from so there’s something for everyone. You can view your stats and revenue easily to see which posts are popular. Do more of those to market your magazine and again you’ll see the rewards of your efforts. I would suggest reciprocating by reading others posts and commenting on them too. Again I cannot stress this enough it’s a give and take system.


I’m still quite new to Instagram, but I’ve noticed traffic coming to my site from “the gram.” It’s still in its infancy stage, so again you have a chance to tap into a growing market that hasn’t reached it’s peak yet. Instagram works a little strangely, beware of false followers. People will follow you only to unfollow you after you’ve followed them. Instagram doesn’t show you this activity so it can be difficult to track who is genuinely a follower. I use an additional app called Padview, which shows me who is a mutual follower. Instagram now shows you stats about your traffic and when is the best time to post. Use the same hashtags that are relevant to your image. This will show you are an authority in this area and it will also bring unique viewers with similar interests.


This started as an experiment, that I still use today. Reddit is a news aggregator where I saw a substantial increase in traffic through sharing content on this site. It’s very easy to use. Subscribe to a few subreddits, then submit your link. Some Subreddits can reject your link if you didn’t adhere to their submission guidelines but it’s easy enough to correct.  You can submit text posts and direct links only. Content is then moderated according to the area of interest. It is highly competitive and your content may not see a lot of attention on their site. I still like it because it can bring a few hundred viewers to my site, so I would suggest again using this site to share and to give back.


I haven’t used youtube yet and I am not in a rush to do so. I recommend using youtube when you have content that works for your brand. What I don’t recommend is throwing up any old video because you think you have to be on youtube. Content is still king and that will never change. If you have youtube content that is worthy and at the same standard as your site then go for it. It can drive traffic to your site, it can sell your product. But if you aren’t ready to launch a channel, I would suggest waiting. You can invite a group privately to view content if you wish. It can be a good platform to test out material to a private audience.

Make sure to create an editorial calendar before getting started. You want all your content to work for you in a cohesive manner before you start to market your magazine. Your content should curate into a strong library with an identity that attracts your target audience. Companies will see the potential for advertising their own product to an established targetted audience. This does take time, but it’s not impossible. I can’t stress sharing online and creating integrity whilst you’re doing it is the key to your content gaining traction.

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