this is a water bottle that looks like a book. takes up very little room & keeps you hydrated
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beni ourain inspired
hand-loomed wool rug by west elm
affordable old-world luxury
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is your jewellery poisonous?


the world’s first twitter dress




start your own online magazine



mayer peace collection is made from different types of fabric that were slated for a landfill

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want to stay in an eco-friendly hotel or resort? check out the global directory for your next adventure

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This One Trick Will Freshen Your Towels #naturallyfreshtowels

Your towels are clean and they have that weird mildew smell, right? Why? You've washed them stored them in your linen cupboard or armoire, but when you stepped out of the shower and wrapped yourself in one of those towels, the smell was horrible. Well, as it happens...

Nadi X Wearable Technology Improves Yoga Poses

Wearable technology has made yoga easier for the novice practitioner. Nadi X launched smart yoga pants that can give you instruction to correct your yoga poses. It's like having an instructor on your body when you need to improve your downward facing dog or crow...

stainless steel cocoons by patkau architects

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