the quintessential destination for sustainable living


this is a water bottle that looks like a book. takes up very little room & keeps you hydrated


beni ourain inspired
hand-loomed wool rug by west elm
affordable old-world luxury

is your jewellery poisonous?


the world’s first twitter dress




start your own online magazine


mayer peace collection is made from different types of fabric that were slated for a landfill





want to stay in an eco-friendly hotel or resort? check out the global directory for your next adventure


Being Beautiful While Being Eco-Friendly

We are being more conscious about how our actions impact the environment. This holds true even in the case of beauty products. We do not choose one product only because it’s cheap or effective, but also because it does not harm the environment in any way. With this,...

THINKmag Partners with Future Cities Show 2018

The second edition of the Future Cities Show will take place on the 9th to the 11th of April 2018 in Dubai. This year THINKmag is an invited media partner covering the events surrounding the show. The show will highlight the latest and the most innovative...

Ethical Shoe Brand Guava X Gianni Versace

Ethical Shoe brand Guava will feature in the upcoming runway retrospective for Gianni Versace on 30th January 2018. The runway show will present historical pieces from the Gianni years as well as pieces from private collections from Italy and around the world. Gianni...

stainless steel cocoons by patkau architects

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