What is a positioning statement? A positioning statement tells the world what your magazine is about. It says you’ve launched in a particular market. Especially when it’s done correctly, a positioning statement is powerful.

I love to tell the story of how a positioning statement saved Nike from financial ruin. At the time Adidas was crushing Nike. Everyone wanted to wear Adidas. It was the coolest brand compared to Nike. Run DMC even wrote a song called My Adidas. It was the athletic shoe brand that everyone was keen to wear.

Meanwhile Nike was floundering. Rumours were floating about they were on the doorstep of bankruptcy until Just Do It became their mantra. Enlisting Michael Jordan as the face of a campaign for their Nike Air Shoe. Blasting off into the stratosphere, Nike surpassed Adidas crushing them on the way up the success ladder. And the rest was history.

What Is My Positioning Statement?

The point is a positioning statement when written correctly can elevate your brand to a whole new level. In order to stand apart from the rest a one sentence tagline tells the viewer who you are and what is your price point. Whether you wish to launch in a high, medium or lower priced market a positioning statement can make or break your introduction.

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It also works well when you’re speaking to people who want to know what your magazine is all about. If you can sum it up in one sentence you’re golden.

So how do I come up with one? It can be the easiest thing to do, or the hardest thing to do. If you have a vast vocabulary the more words you have in your arsenal the easier it will be. If you don’t the harder it will be. Fear not, the best linguists get stuck. The best thing to do is to spend an hour or two thinking deeply about where you wish to launch in the market.  

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Where Do I Want To Launch?

Do you want to launch in the high end market, the mid-level market or low end market? All markets of these generate revenue. Don’t be fooled into thinking you must be in the high end market. Your target audience knows exactly how much they wish to spend.

What do I want my brand to say? Getting this right will secure your audience. Turning this into revenue and brand collaborations is easier to achieve. Brands know exactly what your magazine is about the moment they view it.

Then let it go. Don’t think about it anymore. Do your everyday things. Make sure you have access to a pen and paper because it can come at anytime. Or download a dictation app. I use the app called Recorder. It comes with ads that can be ignored.

You want your positioning statement to be a short sentence not a lengthy diatribe. The shorter the better. Aim for 10 words or less. My positioning statement on my landing page is six words. it says exactly what my site is about. It says exactly where I am in the market place also. Create a timeless positioning statement.  This can take a few take a few attempts. Don’t get discouraged.  I used a formula to create my positioning statement.  You can download my formula on how to do this. It will make it a lot easier. It totally worked for me and I know it will work for you too! Let me know how you got on by leaving a comment below.

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