Recycled textiles should be considered a part of the fashion cycle. It isn’t. Fashion is now the second largest polluter after plastic. Why? Because of fast-fashion brands like Primark, H&M, TopShop and Forever21. But there are several designers making their mark in the upcycling niche marketplace and Dana Cohen is one of them.

17,000 tons of textiles are thrown away in Isreal each year. That’s a lot of waste right? “I noticed that there’s a huge amount of clothes which are thrown away.” Nearing the end of her studies, fashion designer Dana Cohen saw a pile of leftover textiles she didn’t end up using in her designs. “It got me thinking about the mass production of clothes now. I felt bad for throwing away good textiles and garments.”

Recycled Textiles Collection

As a result, the “Worn Again” collection was born. An innovative approach to ecological fabric manufacturing used for designing luxurious and distinctive garments. The project won the Fini Leitersdorf Excellence Award for Creativity and Originality in Fashion and the Rozen Award for Design and Sustainable Technologies in 2015.

recycled textiles

“Until now, used clothes were recycled mainly for practical purposes. I found a way to create a new cycle of life to used knits by shredding them and using them to create new textiles. I like the idea that the unique color of the recycled textiles consists of many different knits, each with their own history. And meanwhile, we can reduce pollution!”

recycled textiles

Fashion the world over is a heavy polluter. Clothes made today don’t last into a decade for the average person. There is now a generation of people who believe cheap clothes are a great bargain. The joke is on us.

I take comfort in knowing designers who use recycled textiles are in a growing industry that could impact the marketplace in a huge way. Do you want to see more designers who upcycle? Become a member to read Remix Issue 011 Every designer in this issue used rubbish in their design process.

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