Here’s Why Exfoliation Is Good For You

This seaweed salt scrub could be the answer you’re looking for. If you suffer from those nasty little bumps on the back of your arms and legs then you’ll be happy to know they’re on their way to vanishing for good. You see exfoliation is great for turning over new skin cells and getting rid of the old sticky ones that form layer upon layer of dead skin producing those pesky little bumps. Plus for so many of us winter sucks all the moisture from our skin making those bumps show up even more. Now if you don’t suffer from this skin ailment, exfoliation is great for everyone. It stimulates new cell growth, it leaves your skin very soft and silky, and it gives your skin a nice healthy glow.

Seaweed Salt Scrub: Ingredients

Instead of synthetic microbeads beads (by the way, Canada plans to ban microbeads by 2018) which are plastic, and harmful for the planet, your skin; just bad news all round. The seaweed salt scrub from Neal’s Yard Remedies uses sea salt that is water soluble and gentler on your skin. Black pepper, grapefruit and ginger essential oils to moisturise and mineral-rich seaweed to detoxify. It also includes patchouli leaf oil and frankincense oil. Neals Yard seaweed salt scrub has 100% ingredients from natural origin, with 62% natural minerals and salts and 6% organic ingredients. The Neal’s Yard Remedies seaweed salt scrub retails for $41 but it can be yours for free. All you have to do is enter your email address below then tweet @thinkmaghq using the hashtag #coldweathercomfort to let us know you’re in it to win.

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