Let’s start by answering what are ethical home accessories? What makes a product ethical is the materials used. They are usually made by hand. And artisans are paid a fair wage for their craft.  I think people want to buy consciously and wisely. Especially in today’s market where nothing is for certain. People want to invest in things that will last. Remember that concept? Well, it’s making a comeback because no one has a disposable income anymore. If you’re a smart shopper you’ll want to learn more about these ethical home accessories. Because not only will they freshen up your rooms, but you’ll feel good about purchasing these products. No child labour was involved. And these products are non-toxic. Mother’s with small children who put things in their mouths; this post is especially for you.


If you’re like me, you want everything when you visit Anthropologie. I could spend a small fortune in there but I tend to walk the store once. Then I return to what I liked a lot and what fit my budget. Small Tip; Anthropologie online has an ongoing sale section. I`ve heard people say it`s expensive. Did you know you can buy items that are under $20 at Anthropologie.Small Tip: Build a collection of items whilst staying in your budget. Builld a collection of mismatched bowls on your Easter table and this could be the start of a family tradition.

Peresima Bowl: $18.00 Lina Bowl: $18.00 Moroccan Wedding Pouf Rounded Inlay Side Table

Ethical Home Accessories Online: Livefashionable

This is an online store that I have been coveting lately. Everything on this site is supporting local artisans. Your purchases go towards independent growth in areas of the world where women and children are still treated as third class citizens. Small Tip: Pick a neutral paint colour, then build your accessories with one pop of colour.

Netsanet Pillowcover: $44.00 , Mehari Blanket: $78.00

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