Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour is coming next October in partnership with Tourcan Vacations! I’m excited to kick off the first update. A 10-day tour to the best eco-resorts and hotels handpicked to showcase the beauty and natural Moroccan landscape. I can confirm this will be an adventure of a lifetime. Eco-conscious travellers want to see the beauty and splendour of Morocco. You will see the souks, stay in a variety of eco-luxury resorts & hotels and eat great food.

Eco-Luxury Moroccan Tour

Morocco is a melting pot of several cultures echoed in the architecture and culture of the country. Your senses will awake to new sites, colours, and dimensions on this exclusive 10-day tour. See hand-woven rugs and scarves. Ethically made pottery with patterns indigenous to Morocco will entice you to pick up a few gifts for friends, family or yourself. We will see and buy real argan oil from argan trees.  Be part of the tour of a lifetime.

eco-luxury moroccan tour

Shop The Souks

I’m looking forward to shopping for the holidays. The souk markets are some of the best in the world where you will find everything from small home furnishings, clothing and more. All I can say at this time is it’s going to be a fabulous adventure. I will announce the first confirmed hotel next Monday. Excited? You’ll see the first destination where you will stay upon arrival.

You can come on this tour from anywhere in the world. Anyone over the age of 35 is welcome. This a tour for adults only. The first hotel update will be announced next week. I am your guide and I like to travel comfortably. Therefore you will too. The eco-luxury Moroccan Tour will commence in October 2018.  There are 20 18 spots available Price and dates are to be determined. Stay up to date as this tour progresses. Sign up for updates here.

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