Wearable technology has made yoga easier for the novice practitioner. Nadi X launched smart yoga pants that can give you instruction to correct your yoga poses. It’s like having an instructor on your body when you need to improve your downward facing dog or crow position. Designed with embedded electronics, yoga pants gives feedback through gentle vibrations in real time.

With the help of an iPhone app and a battery known as “the Pulse”  the Pulse clips behind your knee to power the vibrations in the yoga pants. Each time you move into a pose incorrectly the frequency will intensify. In nutshell you’re forced to correct the pose, creating a yoga warrior in the making.

Yoga + Wearable Technology

” I was never really good at yoga and felt intimidated whenever I would explore a new pose, ” says Bille Whitehouse, co-founder, and CEO of Wearable X. “Throughout creating this product we worked with 50 yogis across three different continents to understand the importance of alignment in time and space. We are proud to redefine what it means to be a modern lifestyle brand by combining fashion and technology.”

wearable technology

As someone who practices yoga daily, wearing the Nadi X apparel would help me become better at poses that I struggle to maintain. Getting into a pose is one thing, but sustaining it is the hard part. So getting gentle direction from my clothing would be truly incredible.  So far the company has launched yoga pants. I would like to see yoga tops released into the market in the future.

When I first saw wearable technology 17 years ago, I thought it would have taken off in the entertainment world. It has so much potential in this area, but the problem was so many inventors of wearable technology were not clothing designers. Surprisingly smart clothing in the sports industry is the front runner. The clothing was interactive but wasn’t attractive. Nadi X is one of the few companies to successfully merge fashion + technology.

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