Wild Rose Beauty Balm is the first product to be included in the Nea’s Yard Giveaway and it is definitely a product you need in your life. I’ve been testing it out for two months now and I must say it has exceeded my expectations. I have oily skin, so I’m always reluctant to put anything oily on my skin. Even though I know there are non-oily oils and oily oils, the thought of putting oil on my skin makes me a little nervous.

With optimism taking hold I started using the Wild Rose Beauty Balm at night only. The first thing I noticed was the incredible fragrance of roses and the calming effect it had. Sometimes the smell of roses can be rather nauseating but this had such a natural pure smell, you won’t be able to get it enough.  I was surprised to see how fast it absorbed too so I started using it day and night. I also noticed it really calmed down my skin, it felt really buttery and dewy, and my skin produced less oil.

Multiple Uses

Not only can this balm be used as a moisturiser, it can also be used as a lip balm, an exfoliator, a cleanser, even a masque. So far I’ve used it as cuticle moisturiser, a lip balm (I tend to put any residue I have on my fingers on my lips) and I’ve even used it on my feet. The Wild Rose Beauty Balm should be called the wonder balm for all its uses. It can also be used on psoriasis and eczema, insect bites, scar treatment, Shall I keep going? The list is endless. If you can think of a reason to calm down your skin, soothe your skin or alleviate dryness the Wild Rose Baum is your go to product.

The Stats

Wild Rose Baum is 99% organic ingredients. It is gluten free and comes with a muslin cloth. It has a cult-like following with everyone who has tried it. It is an award-winning product and can be used on all skin types. It comes in a beautiful dark blue glass jar and is highly concentrated. A little goes a long way so expect to have this product for quite awhile.

The next product going in the box remains a mystery but stayed tuned for further announcements and if you haven’t entered here are the rules again.  Share this post on social media using the hashtag  #thinkmagnealsyard and enter your email address below to win the Neal’s Yard Remedies Tranquility Box of organic beauty products. This contest is open to Canadian Residents Only, but if you aren’t in Canada and you want to be entered into the future global contest go ahead and enter below and let me know where you’re located. Sharing is caring. 

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